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  1. All of the rooms in Sandals (at least in Royal Bahamian) and I presume everywhere include King beds, for couples. My 18 yr. old sister stayed at Sandals, but my parents had to get a separate room for just her. They could have had someone else stay with her (because they already paid for 2), but we couldn't think of just one other person to invite without alienating other friends or family.
  2. Hi there - I'm new here, but have read a lot of helpful threads! We're getting married on 12/3/08 at Sandals Royal Bahamian. Any other Sandals Bahamas brides out there?
  3. Hi! We're getting married at Sandals Royal Bahamian on 12/3/08. You're absolutely right - there doesn't seem to be too many others on here doing the same. Let me know if you want to compare notes!
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