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    Photographer for ROR

    Michael was the photographer we used for our wedding! He runs the Photoshop in ROR, and also looks after the weddings at the Riu in Montego Bay. We had a great time with Michael! He was absolutely fabulous and a pleasure to work with! The pictures were amazing! He certainly knows his stuff! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
  2. Hi there! Great Pics! Betcha hated to come back to this cold and snow! I know we did! I have some nice pictures of you that we took! I will have to arrange to get them to you once I figure out how! Take care,
  3. Kimmer


    Quote: Originally Posted by Jasmine Hey Everyone! my names Jasmine and im getting married march 2010! We want to get married in mexcio but im not to sure yet where.... hopefully i can find some help here. talk to you soon Welcome Jasmine! You will find lots of help here! Good luck and happy planning!
  4. Kimmer

    OMG! 3 weeks to go...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ellipse22 Hi Kimmer! Welcome to the Canadian ROR Club *lol* That is great! I only know of one other bride that will be at the ROR at the same time. When is your arrival date? We'll have to go for a drink We arrive on the 17th and are staying thru until December 1st. Our guests leave on November 24th. When are you staying until? Yes for sure we will have to get together for a drink (or 2) LOL! See you at the ROR!
  5. Kimmer

    OMG! 3 weeks to go...

    I am feeling the same way you do. No matter how prepared you try to be, the big day sneaks up quickly and panic sets in. I can't wait until I am on the plane and start to relax. I am getting married at ROR on Nov. 22/08 and have so I will see you down there. All the Best to You!!
  6. Kimmer

    Hello All!!

    Congratulations! Welcome to BDW. I am a "newbie" here and travelling is fairly new to me also. Believe me...you will get hooked and want to travel all of the time!! That's what happened to me. That's why the Destination Wedding at ROR was the perfect choice for us. We were in Negril, Jamaica in May and loved it.
  7. Kimmer

    Another Newbie Here!

    Thanks everyone for all of your Best Wishes! What a great forum this is! I guess it will take some time to figure out how it all works, huh?? All of you are so nice! I am getting very excited about my Wedding. It is coming up so fast! I hope I don't go into panic mode........
  8. Kimmer

    Another Newbie Here!

    Thanks so much! Great Wedding Web-site! Congrats to you also!!!!
  9. Kimmer

    Another Newbie Here!

    Hello Everyone! My nickname is "Kimmer" and I am happy to be a "Newbie" here at the Best Destination Wedding Forum. I am getting married at Rio Ocho Rios on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008 @ 4:00 PM. It is coming up really fast and I am getting really excited! We have 16 others booked to come down with us, and there may be a couple more decide last minute to join us also. From everything I have read here, we should have an awesome time at the ROR!