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  1. Hi! Your wedding looked gorgeous! I was married at Dreams last June (09) and I used ALberto Miscrachi as my photographer and I STILL have not received my coffee table book so I was just wondering if you had recieved yours? I was also wondering if you had any contact information for him, I've e-mailed him several times and that hasn't seemed to work. Thanks, Kristi
  2. I was married in June at Dreams, Alberto Misrachi was my photographer, I was supposed to recieve a coffee table book with my package and I STILL have not recieved it despite several attempts to contact him. Has anyone else had this problem...any suggestions on what I should do...I am very hesitatnt to recommend him...keep this in mind when you are choosing your photographer. If anyone has any ideas or feedback or anything please let me know! THanks, Kristi
  3. I'm looking for decorating ideas....we have a pretty small party 10-20 people, does anybody have any ideas for decorations/center pieces for that particular spot. I want to keep it simple..but pretty, any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Kristi
  4. THanks for your help, Any suggestions on what is good? I was leaning more towards the mexican type hor'deveurs, I'm not sure what some of it is
  5. Does anybody have a list of the hor'd'veurs available for the cocktail hour at Dreams?? I'm having a little trouble with that, THANKS!!
  6. Do you have a list of the hor'd'veurs by any chance, I asked her for a list but I never really got one......and is there an appetizer that you would recommend?
  7. Hello, I'm trying to make my food selections and I haven't gotten a straight answer on how many items to pick. I was told for the cocktail party 3 cold and 3 hot items. For the appetizer and dessert do you just pick one? And for the main course do you just pick one thing, or can you do fish and chicken I just don't know, anyway any help on that would be very appreciated! Thanks!! KRisti
  8. I'm getting married at Dreams in June, just a few questions: 1) How was the mexican trio?? How long do they play for? 2) We are planning on having a welcome cocktail party which one of the hotel bars would you recommend for a good atmosphere?? Any input would help, THANKS!! Kristi
  9. Any input on Tomas Baron, Alberto Miserachi or Mango Productions I was told these three were the only ones that would honor the pictures that come with the Ultimate Package.....although I was wanting to pay to have more taken, I would love any input, thanks!
  10. I was just wondering as far as the OOT bags go, is it easier to put them together before you go or wait until you get there.....and as far as getting the items there....is checking the items for the flight an easy task, I didn't know if they would hassle you about it or not with all of the regulations they have now, or has anybody shipped it to the hotel ahead of time? Any input would be great!
  11. Going with the flow is something i can definately do! Thanks for the advice! Kristi
  12. Sorry if this comes up twice......we set our date for June 18, 2009 at Dreams! The question of financial responsibilities has come up since this is not a traditional wedding. Who is responsible for what?! We are having a reception when we come back for our friends and family who can't make it, would it be had etiquette for the brides family to pay for the wedding and the grooms family to pay for the reception? Any ideas or advice would be appreciated!! Thanks Kristi
  13. The date and location have been set, June 18, 2009 Dreams!! A question that has come up is since this is not a traditional wedding....what is the bride responsible for and what is the groom responsible for?? A thought....We are having a reception when we get back for friends and family that can't make it, would it be ok...proper for the brides family to pay for the wedding and the grooms for the reception....what is the proper etiquette Any ideas would be helpul! Thanks- Kristi
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