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  1. Thanks for the compliments girls!! Yumyum90: We paid $1000 for 4 hours of private recpetion. From reading other girls posts it seems like the price went up to $2000 for 4 hours.
  2. We got our wedding pics back from the photographer!! http://starandjaysmay92009wedding.shutterfly.com/
  3. We got our pics back form the photgrapher: http://starandjaysmay92009wedding.shutterfly.com/
  4. JanJan84...You are right in that everything will pretty much be set up by email before you get there. When you meet with the coordinater you just confirm everything. The hair flowers were $8 each. You can email with any questions you have...this way i can send u other pics of how everything was set up. Starwp24@aol.com
  5. Let me know if you have any question Baj!
  6. Majortomm: Ask away!! I thought that Dionne and her crew did an amazing job! I really liked that I didnt have to leave the resort at all. I did get our pro pic proofs back..I am going through them now and ordering so I should have them soon to post. I also have to look through and see if I have any good pics of the reception like how it was set up and all. Inunez: I would recommend 4 hours in the same place; I cant imagine trying to move. But thats just my opinion. We didnt have a bartender, the servers were able to bring us drinks. Plus Sir Andrew is right near a bar so a lot of guests would walk there and get thier own drinks. Let me know if you have any other questions and ill hopefully have the pics for you soon!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by inunez congrats on becoming a Mrs! sounds like you had an amazing time! i'm also getting married at the RIU Negril. i have a few questions... 1. did you pay extra for the dj? how much did they charge you if you did? 2. do you have pictures of the setup for the ceremony and reception you can share? Inunez: 1.) We paid $660 for the DJ for 4 hours. We had a member of our group be the "MC". It made it more fun and personal that way! 2.) I should have pictures; they are from the actual ceremony and reception but you can still see the set up. They are on my computer at home Ill have to post them when I get home.
  8. Our Riu Negril Wedding was AMAZING!! Review is under Wedding Reviews!
  9. Flight: We took Air Jamaica from Phildalphia to Montego Bay. We or our family didn’t have any complaints in this department! Everything was great, the flight attendants hung my dress near the front of the plane. Arriving in Jamaica: We didn’t have any problems getting through Immigration or Customs. There was a bit of a line but it moved pretty quick…and our luggage was waiting when we got through! We were transferred to our hotel by Jamaica Tours Unlimited. We were loaded on the bus right away. Our driver was really nice but OMG! The way they drive there is CRAZY!!! It did take about 2 hours to get there and the driver was weaving in and out of traffic, passing cars... Luckily, the time went by pretty fast. Check in: Check in was fairly easy! We got there around noon and check in wasn't until 3 so we just left our bags in the lobby and went to get something to eat. After lunch I inquired at the front desk about our room upgrade and there were able to accommodate us right then! We were upgraded to an ocean view room…I was just happy we didn’t have to wait until 3pm for our room! Hotel: The hotel was great, so beautiful! We had an oceanview room that was great, it was right near the gazebo where we got married. It did have a slight musty smell but we didn’t let it bother us. The AC barely works!! I think we heard someone say that it only comes up from 3pm to 3am; we woke up sweating every morning! But it was okay; we just went and hoped in the ocean or pool. There were some topless ladies on the beach and at the pool; some people were offended by it didn’t bother us. Wedding: Our wedding was AMAZING!!!!!! We couldn’t have asked for anything more! We met with Dionne Thursday at 10am; she was very prompt. I had communicated everything with her before hand via email so we really just went over everything with her. She answered all of our questions and was very accommodating. We ordered extra flowers (2 BM bouquets, 3 wrist corsages, 3 bouts, & 4 hair flowers for $212). Our flowers arrived at the very last minute; however the hair flowers were waiting for us when we got our hair done. My sister and I got a massage the morning of the wedding; AMAZING! The best thing we could have done; it was so relaxing. We had our hair done at the Renova Spa and they did an excellent job on our hair; we were so impressed! We had Michael come over from Ochos Rios to do our pictures; we loved him! He was really great! We did have to pay for a day pass for him but it was no problem & worth every penny! It started to rain a little before 4pm but it blew right over and cooled everything down! The ceremony was at 4pm and we did pictures until about 6:25pm and went right to our reception at 6:30pm! We paid $1000 for a private reception at Sir Andrew. It was the best time ever! We had the whole place to ourselves w/ a DJ for 4 hours. The wedding party was introduced; we had our first dance and then sat down for dinner. It was a sit down dinner and the food was very good. We were very pleased. We used Sound Illusions as our DJ and he played good dance music all night! After dinner we had some more dances; speeches; toast; & cake. It was all amazing, really amazing! We were having so much fun dancing, the kitchen staff was even joining in on the dances. If anyone getting married at the Riu Negril ( I know there are a few of us) Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions! http://starandjaysmay92009wedding.shutterfly.com/
  10. I found a few more in case anyone else needs them: 4.) Star and Jay would like to say, thanks for being here on our special day! 5.) Thanks for travelling all this way for our special day!
  11. Hey girls! We already have our wedding favors, we did personalized travel mugs. I have gift bags that hold two mugs. I am in the process of making personalized gift tags for each bag. I have been surfing the internet and found a few cute sayings...just wanted to see if anyone out there has any other ideas. Examples: 1.) The day is almost near, we are so glad you are here! 2.) Life is a garden and love is a bloom. Thank you so much from the bride and groom! 3.) We appreciate your attendance on our special date and share in our happiness and help us celebrate! Thank you!
  12. ASHLEY173: Since you are from PA (I am assuming that you were born there) you are unable to copy your birth certificate. I work in Philly and had a woman I work with notarize our documents for us. She was hesitant at first to copy our birth certificate but realized that the two states are different (We are from NJ). She told me that in PA you are not allowed to copy your birth certificate….there should be some wording to that affect on the front of your bc. You are probably going to have to get an original copy from the vital statistics.
  13. WOW I def did not realize it got that cold there!! We have a mild winter compared to you guys!!
  14. Congrats!!! Let the wedding planning begin! haha Well im getting married at Riu Negril in 2 months so Ill be sure to pass any info on that I can!
  15. Have a great time! Im sure it will be wonderful! Cant wait to read your review and see your pictures!
  16. Love the hoodie!!! Can I ask who the seller was? I was searching for something similar and cant seem to find it. THANKS!!
  17. Ive been waiting for you to get back too!! Im so glad you had a wonderful wedding! Im getting so nervous about ours...less than 3 months! I do have a few questions for you tho. First, did you use True Colors Photography? I cant see the pics yet, my work has them blocked..ill check them out tonite at home. Cant really think of any more questions at the moment but I am sure I will have more soon! Congrats on being the MRS!
  18. Thanks for the great info! I was able to reach the WC and start to set everything up!
  19. Agape Gems: Thanks for the info! I wrote the wording for our ceremony already just had to put it in some kind of order... So after the signing of the marriage certificate & sand ceremony did you walk back over to where you took your vows and he pronounces you? or do you stay at the table area? Thanks again for answering my question!
  20. Originally we were doing OOT bags.. When we added up all the expenses of the bags and thought about it a little more (guests prob not using everything we put in the bags anyways) we decided to skip the OOT Bags. We are now doing travel mugs. There is a lot of input regarding travel mugs on this forum which helped sway our decision.
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