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  1. Hey Girls, If anyone is looking for really beautiful unique invitations you should check out Designs by Lenila. We are getting married in Mexico and got the most beautiful hand made invitations. Everyone I sent them to called to say how gorgeous they are. The prices are really good compared to others of the same quality. Plus some of the proceeds from the invitations go towards a charity for autism. We offer Hawaiian, Destination Wedding Invitations, Garden,Vinyard,luau,Tropical, and Beach Wedding Invitations... DesignsbyLenila Offers Unique, Custom Made Invitations, With Coordinating Save The Date, Response Cards, And Party Favors for all your We got the Sea Star Dreams design.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Katherine4-09 Can someone please post the list of approved photographers for the resort, I know I saw it somewhere in here but can't find it again, thanks! Most photographers are approved except for Del Sol. However if you choose a different photographer other then the four that are listed on the Lomas site you will have to pay either a $500 fee or a 3 night stay a the hotel.
  3. FYI: do not book with any photographer without first checking with Fabio that they will not be charged an outside vendor fee, and keep all emails.
  4. There is also a wedding 1 hour before mine. I hope she doesn't use the beach for her ceremony though (keeping fingers crossed).
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Katherine4-09 yeah I am also pretty confused on the photographer thing as well, Fabio said depending on the wedding pacakge you choose certain photograhpers go with it which I think is crazy, you should be able to pick whatever photograhper u want from what they offer u know so I plan on addressing that, my FH and I are sitting down this weekend to pick the photographer we like best and then hope we can use them, and they are avaiable for our day I am the worst speller so sorry! lol You should pick the photographer you like and ask them for their packages seperately so you can see what they offer. Then once you make a decision you should book it through Fabio so you don't have to pay and outside vendor fee. We are using Claudia's for video and we made all the arrangements through her but had Fabio do the booking for us.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by trayce2222 It appears that either way (DJ or Ipod) one of the guests will have to "play" DJ. Here is a question and the response I received from Tiffany. I have decided to go with the Ipod since the sound system and mic are only $250 and the DJ is $1300.....something to consider! DJ-I have received a copy of the playlist. How do I make my selection of songs and get it to the DJ prior to the wedding? How many songs should I choose to last throughout the reception? Does the DJ make introductions, announce toasts, 1st dance, etc? I have attached a song list that the DJ plays. If you have any other songs please send them to me and I will pass it along and see if that is possible. The DJ will only be making a few announcments you may want to have one of your guests do the announcments that the dj does not do Fabio said that if we want someone to MC the event then we should hire a seperate MC for $850. He said the DJ's are very good as DJ's and they do have a pretty comprehensive song list. Plus if you want any additional songs you could provide them either with Ipod or possibly by sending MP3's (I'm going to ask that question at the site visit). We are going to hire a DJ and and MC so it feels like a regular wedding. I think that if we were getting married at home we would be spending more than $2000 for music anyway.
  7. What I was planning on doing is getting 1 day shipping and shipping it out the day before we left, therefore even if it comes a couple of days late it will still be before the wedding.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by trayce2222 Hi Polina, Could you please ask the onsite coordinators what is the best way to ship things to the resort from the US? I am bringing my centerpieces and they are very big, tall glass vases. It will just be too hard for us trying to get them there. You may ask how far in advance we should ship them, if we should put ATTN: to (one of them), should we put our names somewhere on the boxes so they know who they belong to, etc.... I sure do appreciate it! P.S. If there are any other brides who will be there the same time as us (we will be there 4/29-5/7) and would like to use our centerpieces, let me know. You are more than welcome....let me know and I can send or post pics of what they will look like. Thanks, Tracy I am planning on asking that question at the site visit. However, I asked Fabio before about bring our own stuff down and this is what he said: If we wanted to add a personal touch to the reception or ceremony can we fly in our own candles or other additional items? Yes you may bring your own items, please keep in mind: No pre-shipments are allowed, please arrange for the items to arrive with you or your group. Please be advised that all décor items must be ready to be set up. If assembly is necessary our onsite coordination team could apply a fee for décor.[/b]
  9. I am compiling a list of questions to lomas and karisma for my site visit next week. If anyone has specific questions they want me to ask please post them here or email me at polina.drantyev@gmail.com thanks
  10. If anyone has booked with Claudia pictures or her husband for videography directly you should forward Fabio or Tiffany the price list that she or Mike gave you so he can make sure that they are the same prices that Lomas charges and he should tell you in an email that there will not be an outside broker fee. I did that and he said that we can use them and not have to pay an outside broker fee.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by mexicanbridewithquestions Hey Polina, check your bank. I just gave you some points! Thank you so much!
  12. Hiii Congrats! I live in NY and I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful here.
  13. Polina

    Lipstick Jungle got canceled

    I love LJ, last year I watched Cashmir Mafia and they cancelled that too. There are so few good chick shows on TV these days. Big Shots was really good too. Atleast I still have my "Dirty Sexy Money"
  14. How can you receive more points on here? I think I lost all my points by opening attachments.