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    Beaches Boscobel Jamaica Review

    Thanks Jodi!! I feel way calmer now .... you gave me exactly the reassurance that i needed! D.
  2. DanielleLok

    Beaches Boscobel Jamaica Review

    Jodi, Thanks for all the info on Beaches! We are getting married there on April 28th at 3PM. Kathleen, the new coordinator for Boscobel is Barbie at Ext 4882 and she is great to work with. We have 14 guests total, including ourselves ... so, here are our plans, and Jodi if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free (please oh please) to add them .. We are just using the basic package ... barefoot on the beach with a heart drawn in the sand and yellow petals (bringing them with) scattered in the heart ... my sister is my MOH, my stepsons will give me away and stand beside their Dad (my FIL will sign the paperwork on my FI's side as the boys aren't old enough) ... not sure about doing the reception thing ... with only 14 of us, what are your thoughts? Could we all just go to one restaurant together? This is a second wedding for both of us, and we don't want any fuss or stress or bother (my mother will provide enought of that for any event - but that's a whole separate issue). Did you use the basic bouquet or did you upgrade? Thanks so much, Danielle
  3. DanielleLok

    April 2009 Brides Check In!

    Oh Samantha my heart goes out to you!! I am planning something at our wedding to remember/include my own father's memory, who passed away back in '99. You are more than welcome to this idea ... we are going to take a green (my Dad was Irish) floating candle and send it out to sea at some point in the evening after the wedding, and my sister and i will both have a bit of green ribbon tied into our bouquets for him. It's just something small, but I want to have a physical link to him at our wedding ... Now for my update .... - Flights booked April 24th to May 9th - Beaches Boscobel booked for the wedding April 28th at 3PM, staying at Beaches from April 25th to May 1st - Honeymoon Booked at Grand Lido Braco from May 1st to May 8th (Fantastic prices!!!!) We got a Royal Beachfront room, which we have had before and loved, with $500 in spa credits and one night free for $2,178!!!!! Invites are completely finished, just need to mail/hand deliver them to our families on Monday (Canadian Thanksgiving) WOW!!! Time to exhale and think of the next steps ... Take care ladies & gents, Danielle
  4. DanielleLok

    April 2009 Brides Check In!

    Hi Ladies! Just working on making our invitations, I used the boarding pass idea and found a great free template at Aylee bits » DIY: Boarding Pass Invitation / Save The Date They worked out perfectly, and for 25 invites I spent a total of $25 including envelopes, the cutting tool and the perforator tool. And, got to have some fun with it!! :-) Here's a picture of how they turned out, and some pics of my dress ... Take it easy, D. invites and dress.pdf
  5. DanielleLok

    Hello :-)

    Thanks Everyone, This site has been incredibly helpful ... got some fantastic ideas over the last few days. Used the Boarding Pass Invite idea, found a template so I could do it myself Aylee bits » DIY: Boarding Pass Invitation / Save The Date picked up some sand coloured/textured paper and some yellow for the covers and voila here they are (in the attached pdf) ... also included some pics of the dress. Thanks again, D. invites and dress.pdf
  6. DanielleLok

    April 2009 Brides Check In!

    OMG you are all way ahead of me!! We finally got confirmation from my little sister (the MOH) as to when she can escape from med school for the wedding ... so now the work begins!! So what do I have done ... - I have my dress - we know where - we now know when - we know who we're inviting - we have enough aeroplan points to get us there and back for cheap - we have picked out the rings So lots of planning has been done, now we can implement it all! D,
  7. DanielleLok

    Hello :-)

    Who we are ... Danielle & Steve Wedding Date ... April 28th, 2009 (approx) Wedding Location ... Beaches Boscobel Jamaica Just realized we hit the 7 month mark yesterday, and figured that we better get kicked into gear!! We just got confirmation on the week that my little sister (and MOH) is free - darn medical school policies are a pain in the butt! So, now we can book the flights, resort, etc., etc. I have my dress already, so that was the easy part. My sis is going to wear a yellow tea length dress. My fiance is going to wear beige linen pants and a white cotton shirt. My stepsons (14 and 11) are going to wear white shorts with yellow shirts and will give me away (I don't think there will be a dry eye in the group). Very excited, and extremely happy to find this website. Thank you to everyone who has posted info here, it is most appreciated!! Thanks, D.