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  1. I know its been awhile since I have been on the site. I leave in a week for our wedding and I am trying to make up the ceremony programs. We have choosen to use the Mexicain romantic music for the ceremony only problem is Yuritza won't email me back with the names of the songs and artists. She has only given me info about one song and that is for the recetional. I was just wondering how you other girls designed your programs when really we don't now what happens or in what order things go till we get down there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. To aswer your question about the fire dancers I emailed Paloma a while back asking about fireworks and she said no so then I asked about fire dancers and she also said no to that. They don't allow fire at the resort.
  3. I wish I new how to add a link on here. There was someone else from this forum who has pictures of how to glue in the panes of glass and seal the top so sand wont spill out ( it's on shutterfly shared picture detail). This is for the umbra frame ___ She used a glue called flora bond(got is from Micheals) and glued in the panes of glass that the sand would go between so sand doesn't leak out. When you're finished doing the sand ceramony you run a line of glue over top of the sand and it seals in the sand so you won't have any spills.
  4. I would really love it if anyone could help me find a place in Canada to buy a large seashell. I have looked on the net and all I seem to be able to find are places from the states. Found lots of beautiful stuff but I really don't want to order from there unless it's my last option. The way our dollar is right now and from what other girls on this forum have said, at the border is where you really get dinged. Some have siad that you end up paying over double the price. I don't like suprise bills. Hope someone can help me out.
  5. I bought the "Ether" picture frame by Umbra. We choose the espresso color.
  6. For any of the Canadian girls out there I found a website for a place in Saskatchewan. I ordered mine and the showed up in about a week. The wesite is Urbane-Canada's Online Umbra Retailer They have the three colors but you just have to search around for them . At first all I could find was the metal one and we wanted the dark wood. I ordered two of them because me and FH want to do one and then we want to do one with our daughter. I paided around $60 for both, including shipping.
  7. This is a similar post that a few other girls did, but there has been no answer yet. Would these be the same flower chooses for the Mayan Riviera. Thanks to anyone that could answer this.
  8. Tranch

    My Lynn Creation!!

    That is so cute. I love it.
  9. Tranch

    They cost how much?!

    Thats a crazy price for just renting. What are you going to do.
  10. I am bringing down my ribbon because it is a two toned pink and arange color. It is the same ribbion I used to wrap around my invatations. I specifically want this ribbon so I have to bring it down.
  11. Those are beautiful flowers. I am having a hard time deciding between real and fake.
  12. Tranch

    Thoughts on this Centerpiece

    I think that is a really neat idea for a centerpiece. I agree with you about the flowers being a big waste of money.This is what I kind of want to do its more of a lite up water centerpice with alittle greenery and a few flowers. I love the lights. My colors will be orange and fushia. Sorry I tried to put the pictures of what I want to do but I don't know how.