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  1. Definitely HOT! Your fiance will be so surprised....
  2. Congrats! The videos are amazing! What a great way to cherish your wedding...!! Reelove does such a great job!
  3. mollyvog

    Newbie...Mexico Bound!

    Congratulations & Welcome to the forum! Have fun on your site visit!
  4. Ayita - What's the name of the resort you are staying at? Thanks! molly
  5. Congratulations Kaylee! Everything looks perfect... and you look amazing!! I'm sure it's exciting to finally see some of the photos!
  6. My vote is #1 if you are going for the vintage look. The top detailing is gorgeous, and I think it ties in with the veil a bit better. The second dress is very pretty as well, and I can definitely see that in Jamaica. #1 is my favorite though! You are going to look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day!!
  7. Oh, you look so beautiful!! Congratulations! I'm happy to hear everything turned out so well!
  8. mollyvog

    New to this site

    Welcome to the Forum Katherine! Azul Sensatori looks amazing...!! Good luck with all of your planning! -molly
  9. Wow! What a beautiful couple... and an amazing wedding!! Everything just seemed so perfect... it gave me goose bumps! Thanks for sharing!! -molly
  10. mollyvog

    new here!

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum! Good luck planning! I'm still learning lots of things on the forum as well... there is so much information on here that I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon! -molly
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    Welcome to the forum Ali!! Good luck with your planning! -molly
  12. mollyvog

    Newbie from Omaha

    Welcome to the Forum! Nice to see some Omaha people here. I'm actually from Des Moines, but my "guy" currently lives in Omaha, and I'm there often! I met him while I was there for 6 months to train for my new job. We still have to figure out the whole living arrangement when he's finished with school. I'd love to touch base with you sometime... Azul Sensatori is one of the places we've been considering. Congrats! -molly
  13. Congratulations! Everything turned out so beautiful!!