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  1. i will go with the hotel's cake. although my fiance is from the south and expressed how he HAS to have a southern style cake. as long as it tastes good and is simply pretty, i'm good. for favors i've decided to go with the traditional black cake, as i'm jamaican. how about you?
  2. hi claudette: i decided to go with micheal saab for the photography. his work is really great!
  3. hi claudette: i decided to go with micheal saab for the photography. his work is really great!
  4. congrats jpenyea! i'll be there in a few weeks and bring as much feedback as i can.
  5. hi my jamaica brides. i'm going to mobay in a few weeks to check out my wedding location (solis) and vendors. besides photography and florists are there any other vendors i should check out?
  6. i agree. mayline is so great to work with. my big day will be 5.23.09. hopefully we should be going there in a few weeks. i'll take as many pics as i can!
  7. woohoo!!! i'm now officially a solis bride. may 09!!! now i have to design my invites. (i'm my own worst critic ; )
  8. i'm not sure yet (if i want the gazebo or the beach or something else). i would like to go down there and take a look before i decide.
  9. congrats mabride09! have you visited the resort? do you chose the gazebo or the beach for your ceremony! must be exciting!
  10. that is awesome! i plan on going there next month and wanted to get a tour. when i go i'll take plenty of photos to and share them here.
  11. hi amee: have you heard anything new about the resort? will it be ready for your april wedding? i was thinking of getting married there in may/june. it looks so beautiful (at least from the renderings). hope everything works out.
  12. do you know how much it is per person for the reception dinner?
  13. that's great that it works out $1000 less! what is considered semi-private at the grand palladium?
  14. does anyone know if the poseidon is considered the beach restaurant?
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