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    St Thomas bride update....ROLL CALL

    Just popping in again. We were married last November (Nov at the Marriott and had April and Elizabeth. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help! I think you can check out my bios as well, if those are helpful.
  2. emmie2008

    St Thomas bride update....ROLL CALL

    I too am so glad I did TTD photos. (Great shots, btw Deb!) One quick comment- and this is meant to be helpful, not negative. I've heard that Sulan and Allain at Blue Glass are terrific. I've also heard, though, that some of the other photographers aren't quite as good. I have no personal experience (so perhaps I should refrain?) but I remember a bride I "met" on the Knot not being happy with her photos... anyway, you may want to see if you can specify a specific photographer.
  3. emmie2008

    St Thomas bride update....ROLL CALL

    Hmm. I'm only getting some of the updates so didn't realize so much activity since I was last on here! I'm glad those already married girls made the best of their situation! I too had some "opportunities" with the Marriott... I think the biggest piece of advice for all brides (not just STT brides!) is to really try to have a positive attitude about everything and remember the purpose of the day. Oh, and a few sips of champagne before the ceremony is also quite helpful! (I know people have mixed opinions on this..not suggesting you go down the "aisle' intoxicated, but I enjoyed toasting with my girls beforehand!!_
  4. emmie2008

    St Thomas bride update....ROLL CALL

    Just saw the posts related to Havana Blue and the Marriott. We were married on the beach at the Marriott and had our reception at Havana BLue. Happy to help any way that I can-- feel free to email me at emmie2008 at gmail dot com or check out my bio from the Knot. Our Wedding ?(MrsEmmie200? Did TTD pics there and LOVED IT!!
  5. We used FI's long tennis bag and packed parasols and his snorkeling fins. Worked out well!
  6. I did mine the morning after and used the photographer we flew down for the wedding. Worked out great. I actually left my hair alone- it was in a pretty tight up-do so it held pretty well overnight and looked ok in the pics. have fun planning and TTD! It is a great time!
  7. Scoutley- by way off- too small. I ordered the 8x10inch bag- thinking it would be 8 inches wide and 10 inches high and it was the size of a mini hand-clutch with a long handle (more like half 8x10, but it wasn't quite half). I couldn't figure out how in the world they calculated the size. I know other girls have used them though. Perhaps the bigger size is perfect? You may want to order a couple now in the "wrong" colors so that you know exactly what size to get when the natural comes in.
  8. I really don't think you can iron on these. They are more of the plasticky (for lack of a better word) material. They are not that shiny in person. Hope that helps! if you're looking for iron ons, I think cheaptotes.com might be the way to go- just be careful of their sizing. I had problems with the bags being way off.
  9. Cards and Pocket sell some paper... I love Paper and More.
  10. I ended up getting my bags at Dunwoody Booth $14.35 for 10... 10" x 5" x 13". You can get bigger ones 15" x 6" x 15" for $17.70. They also have paper etc. but I wanted to do the "enviro-friendly" ones.
  11. Hello! I have 2 pairs of Nomad wedge sandals, size 10. One pair coral one pair white (i have an ivory dress and the coral was a little pink for me). $15 plus shipping. Please PM me if you're interested! Thank you! Elizabeth
  12. emmie2008


    I LOVE vistaprint. They've been great with all of my orders You may see some negative posts about them- when checking out, just make sure you don't click on anything else (like a monthly membership for $10-$14) and you'll be fine. I've done my welcome to st thomas brochure, donation favor cards, picture cards, etc from them. Very happy (pics of those in my bio!)
  13. emmie2008

    Luna Bazaar coupon code

    Did anyone have a problem with their parasols from there? You can pm me for details.
  14. emmie2008

    St Thomas bride update....ROLL CALL

    OOH! FUN! WE arrive November 5... getting the license and stuff that afternoon. Where are y'all staying?
  15. I talked to my pharmacist and she suggested vitamin B complex- it helps restore everything afterwards. I haven't tried- my "secret" remedy is a big thing of gatorade/powerade and bread before bed.