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  1. Are there any Jamaica Brides out there who are not getting married on a resort? I am curious as to who you are using for your vendors and your experiences with them.
  2. User Name: JamaicanPalm Name: Natisha and Michael Location: Laughing Waters - Ocho Rios Wedding: May 16, 2009 in JA: ?
  3. JamaicanPalm

    jamaica vendor visit

    Please let us know which vendors you look into. I am curious I am going down for christmas and hopefully I can finalize my vendors.
  4. This may be a stupid question but did you guys give one bag per person or one bag per couple or room?
  5. JamaicanPalm

    Just Introducing myself.....

    Quote: Originally Posted by NotYourAverageDW Welcome, welcome welcome! I hope it works out with Laughing Waters and that you'll share pics! Have you managed a site visit yet? Thanks Everyone for welcoming me. No I haven't managed a site visit as yet. When I went security wouldn't let me in, so now that my date is confirmed I plan to see if I can see it when I go to JA for Christmas.
  6. JamaicanPalm

    Anyone heard of Laughing Waters?

    Laughing Waters is a goverment owned property that is run by the Urban Development Corp (UDC). Laughing Waters is really not a tourist site I think they kind of want to keep it more local. You would have to contact the Saint Ann Development Corp, which is a subsidary of UDC for info regarding renting.
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    Just Introducing myself.....

    No, if all goes well Laughing Waters.
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    Just Introducing myself.....

    Hello Everyone, Just a quick intro my name is JamaicanPalm and I will be getting married in May 2009 in Ochi as us Jamaicans would say. Anyhow Walk Good til next Time!!!