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  1. Hey guys...I just came back from DR...I was worried the Dreams Palm Beach was not ready for the wedding and in my opinion it def was not what I wanted. I switched over to RIU Palace Punta Cana which is amazing!! I have many pics... PM and I can share the link or I can try to post them. My wedding is May 22...Riu was fabulous to work with....the coordinators are great. The place is magical. Dreams is a really small simple resort....Riu is just stunning.
  2. Hi guys.. I found this link of new pics posted for Dreams Palm Beach. Dreams Palm Beach - photos of resorts, ranches, lodges & spas in Dominican Republic on Worldisround
  3. Hey Kim!! Congrats!! My wedding is set for May 22 at Dreams Palm Beach... I was really laid back and now Im really scared...;-) We have 30 people booked.. and are expecting another 20ppl.. In total.. around 50 people.. which is perfect. I can't wait!!! Anyhow, not sure if you noticed but the dreams website has new pictures loaded into the restaurant section for Palm Beach. If those pictures are the new resort.. the place is going to be awesome!!!! Take Care, Tania
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by bovkim I think I'm going to go with Dreams Palm Beach, too! Have you been in contact with anyone from the resort yet? I used the wedding contact email and it was sent back to me as undeliverable. Also, the wedding request form on the Palm Beach page went to Dreams Cancun. Please let me know if you've had any luck. Thanks! Kim Hey Kim, They have actually been really wonderful and have responded fast to all my inquires. Try this email: ecommercedr@amresorts.com.do This should go to Biberly which is the sales manager. I also have the coordinators email which I can send but try the one above first. Let me know how it goes. Take Care, Tania
  5. Hey guys... I think I am going to go blindly and choose Palm Beach Punta Cana...My wedding is set for May 22, 2009. Worse comes to worse after I see the new pics once it opens in Jan.. I can always switch resorts..;-) I have a good feeling about this one. I will keep you posted.
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    Hello all.. My name is Tania and I am planning a wedding for May 2009. I was thinking of the new Dreams in Punta Cana.. Dreams Palm Beach. Has anyone heard positive/negative reviews? Also, Dreams is opening (renovatating) a resort in la Romana. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Tania
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