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  1. I have another question for you. Was there a different set up for the wedding party table?? Also did you buy the hanging lanterns? Also did you pay extra to have the arch with the cloth on it (during ceremony)? I have emailed daniela but it takes her like a month to get back to me. starting to make me really frustrated. Thanks soo much again for helpin out with answer and posting ur pics, it looks like ur wedding turned out gorgeous.
  2. your review is awesome. thanks for sharing with us. I was wondering what package you got?? i have the aqua and have been asking daniela for pictures for months. she still hasnt sent them How did you set up the bose and ipod? did you have a microphone with it? What I am tryin to set up sounds alot like what you did so Id like to know how you set it up. we have about 24 booked right now, i am thinkin we will max out around 30. As for ceremony song did you say you gave them a burnt CD? Also did you have your dances right up where you ate? Plenty of room? sorry for all the questions. and thanks again for sharing your beautiful pics. it looked great
  3. samanddan

    DJ: Mannia Cancun review

    becks, how much did paradisus charge you to have him?Also how long did you have him and how much did he cost? I am trying to plan photographer and potentially a DJ for our wedding at Paradisus in May 09.
  4. I have a question for those of you who have gone to the resort. What are the bars like? I am assuming theres a piano type bar, then the pool bars, but are there a few good dance bars? We are having our wedding reception until 930, and I dont really want to pay per hour per person afterwards to keep an open bar for the music alone if there is a good dance bar on site with free booze?? If you did go to the bars what kind of music were they playing? Any info or suggestions would be great
  5. i know that DJ versus ipod has been covered but I am wondering for those of you who have had the DJ...was it all mexican music or was it similiar to a canadian/american wedding with a good mix of oldies and new music? Also has anyone used the photographers from paradisus or do they have anyone else thats decent on the budget theyd like to recommend? Did anyone have daniella as a wedding planner? how was she?
  6. samanddan

    What's your first dance song?

    we are thinkin of having randy travis' Forever and ever amen Its an oldie but a goodie, quite country but still a favorite. We are still on the fence, tryin to decide.
  7. samanddan

    Hello to forum - Lenchika is new here

    welcome! good luck planning...I find it pretty overwhelming. Choosing the resort has been the hardest thing so far..but I am just gettin started
  8. samanddan

    Newbie happy to find this site

    Hi, My name is Samantha and my fiancees name is Dan, we live in new brunswick Canada. We have known each other for 5 years and have decided recently that we want to get married down south. We have it narrowed down to Mexico and I am between Paradisus riviera cancun and Dreams tulum. Our wedding date will be during one of the first two weeks in may 09. Am super excited to join the forum and get lots of info.