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  1. Hi, Yes, thank you for posting the information on the Buff Brides Fitness C. I just joined WW two weeks ago, it is not easy to follow the plan yet but I will keep trying - I joined for the 10 weeks. Wish me luck!
  2. My goodness, what a story! Good that you could vent it out though and now it is time to look forward to marrying the most wonderful guy you have ever met! :-)
  3. reg

    Any 2010 Brides?

    Hi bride2010 (that's cute!), I will search for the thread but if you can find it - pass it along - I suppose I would look back here for it or it will pop in my email as a notification - still learning how to work this forum. :-)
  4. reg

    Any 2010 Brides?

    Quote: Originally Posted by lolo Yes I am planning a 2010 wedding also!! It is difficult because it is so far away. I am planning on El Dorado Royale or Seaside, in Mexico (mayan riviera) It is not as cheap as I thought. We want to also have a reception at home, but it may cost too much to do both. Our guest list is up to 70 and I really hope alot of them don't come...the more people the more money! If you want a private dinner you will pay for it...different resorts have different packages. BUT...it is beautiful and what more colud one ask for? Sun, beach and the man of my dreams! Where are you looking to go? Hi lolo, thanks for your reply to my thread and thanks for your input about El Dorado Royale or Seaside, in Mexico. I will be sure to check these two places out. Someone said they also started a 2010 bride thread. We should check that one out. Best!
  5. reg

    Any 2010 Brides?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Michelle welcome to the forum! if you use the search function there is a thread that i started several months ago for 2010 brides...let me try find it for you and post it here Hi Michele, (I'm glad you have your name listed - it is easier to respond directly) Thanks for posting. I will look for the thread that you started.
  6. reg

    Any 2010 Brides?

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I see you are getting married at Moon Palace. I will check it out. I tried to respond to another post of yours but I'm not sure if I was able to respond correctly. It was on the thread about Moon Palace. Have fun planning! I know I will - I love this stuff!!
  7. reg

    Any 2010 Brides?

    Just a quick thank you for everyone who responed to my "Any 2010 Brides" post. I see there are other 2010 brides listed in the Newbie thread - good news - It would be good if we could all be a part of the same thread or a few of them. I wonder how we could do that? Well, it is worth a try anyway. :-)
  8. Hi, I am a 2010 bride too! I actually started a 2010 post hoping to get some feedback on costs for destination weddings in 2010. Is your wedding at Moon Palace, I assume so since you posted here. I have not checked out Moon Palace yet...seems like I should. Happy Planning!
  9. Hi, thought this would be a good place to ask about the Lottery. Can someone explain what it is and where it is on this forum. I hear it is a good place to gain points. Thanks!
  10. reg

    Any 2010 Brides?

    Hello All, My fiance and I are going to plan a 2010 summer wedding. I have been reading the posts to try to get an idea of how much a destination wedding will cost but it is hard to predict since we are getting married at such a later date. It seems the prices jump higher each year (understandably) but just a few years ago it was very inexpensive to get married at a vaction resort. Just curious to see if anyone is sharing the same thoughts as me. Thanks!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by DallasAshli Our favorite color is green...so we are doing a lime theme. That way, we can use actual limes (abundant in Mexico) for decor as well. Mishka Designs does a blog with color palette inspirations: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t30686 Also, the Knot has picture albums of weddings in every color - flip through and see if one really catches your eye. Hi, I love your idea! I may consider it...lime green is a great color for a beach wedding!
  12. Hi, thanks everone for posting the links. I copied them and will check them out. My fiance loves Mexico!
  13. Hi Kaylee, It looks like it was the best day of your life! Congrats! I love your hair!
  14. Hi, I see there is another bride (Kathy) to get married in St. John. How nice. I bet it was beautiful! I'm looking forward to the pictures and details. I'm glad you started this post Lindsay!
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