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  1. Thanks for the info! I have been wondering that. Has anyone taken food for their OOT bags or as favors?
  2. Thanks for sharing! I hope they have them at our store. I missed the post but looked a few weeks ago and did not see them.
  3. Please post pictures if you get one.
  4. beachhappy

    Kamilla Harris Boudoir Photo! *pic #28*

    Great pictures ladies! They are going to love them and the surprise
  5. beachhappy

    Cookies as Favors

    I was going to have them made by someone else that specializes in frosted sugar cookies. She is listed on etsy.
  6. beachhappy

    newbie busy bride

    Congrats! Welcome to the forum and have fun planning!
  7. One of things that helped us decide was to look at the menus of the different places we were considering.
  8. beachhappy

    future BARCELO MAYA Bride! :D

    I am Joey too...and getting married at the Barcelo. Look for the Barcelo anyone and another couple of threads. They are very helpful!
  9. What a great idea! Your groomsmen will love those.
  10. Has anyone taken sugar cookies (as favors) into Mexico? Will customs let you bring food in?
  11. Thanks for all the ideas!
  12. Great info! Thanks. I am heading there in July. Can you tell us more about your trip to Playa del Carmen? Did you book that through the resort?
  13. Thanks but I am going to pass. They are really nice but we did not budget that much for the bag. I do hope to get cups though.
  14. I do not get on here often enough and missed the first round of monogrammed cups. They turned out great! If anyone else decides to order I would be interested in 70 cups. If you PM I will make sure to get on that day although it might be very late at night.
  15. The mugs look great! I am going to Dollar Tree tomorrow!