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  1. I added my screen name next to my wedding date. I am getting married exactly two months from today...=))))...I am so excited!! September 2009 Jessica (jcoop) & Brad - September 6, 2009 October 2009 still no october brides? November 2009 Maria (mc5363) & John - November 5, 2009 Angela (angela1184) & Ray - November 6, 2009 Jennifer & Chris (Keiperwedding) - November 7, 2009 Jodey & Simon - November 12, 2009 Theresa (girlpi1ot) & Todd - November 14, 2009 Emily (epargin) & Darren - November 14, 2009 Courtney (cbell) & Rob - November 16, 2009 Valerie and Ryan (Ryan & Valerie) - November 21, 2009 January 2010 Sunita (sunitam) - January 4, 2010 Tabitha (Dolphin) & Keith - January 22, 2010 Lea (leasauceda) & Bobby - January 23, 2010 May 2010 Katie (kate82) - May 14, 2010 June 2010 Nicole (Nickicolb123) and Jeff- June 11, 2010 Michelle (Michelle613) - June 12, 2010 August 2010 Nadine (Nadine2010) and Steven- August 10, 2010 October 2010 Mel (meldal101010) and Dallas - October 10, 2010
  2. I am glad they were able to order you a new one and rushed it for you too! I would love to see a picture of it. Sounds really pretty!!
  3. Congratulations! It always feels good to check an item off of the wedding task list!
  4. I am wearing a veil. I am with DGG...you wanting to wear one is enough reason to wear it. My FI said the same thing about wearing the veil because of the wind and stuff, but I so want to wear a veil, so I am. If it blows around, it blows around. I saw a picture online some where and it was a picture of the MOH holding the veil while it was blowing in the wind. It was a sweet picture moment. I feel the same that I won't feel complete unless I am wearing a veil. If you want it, then go for it!
  5. My FI and I are buying the wedding bands together. We actually merged bank accounts recently, so the money to pay for the bands is coming from our merged "wedding" account fund.
  6. My plan is to get to David's Bridal soon so I can see the Mermaid color first hand, but online doesn't it look so close to the Tiffany color? I was so excited when I saw this as a new color for 2009. Before that, I was thinking about doing the Pool color, however, the Mermaid color has won me over. My wedding dress is a light champagne color, so I think the Mermaid color BM dresses will pop in the pictures. I am going to have my BMs wear champagne shoes to match my gown. I am also going to buy all the BMs a purse to match the shoes.
  7. What a GREAT friend you have!! I would love to see the finished product. Post it so all of us girls can see your beautiful, unique, customized dress...=)))
  8. Where did you find the picture of this tie? Let me see what I find online. Might be trying to find a needle in a haystack, but I will give it a whirl. Stay tuneds.....I'll be back.
  9. Love the dresses! I am doing the same at my wedding...having the girls where a different style that makes them comfortable and feel great!
  10. I was really excited to start trying on dresses. I ended up looking 14 months prior to my wedding. The fourth dress I tried on ended up being "the one". I ordered my gown at the end of September and it will in at the beginning of March so it does take some time for it to come in (in my experience anyway). Happy dress shopping!! It's so fun!!
  11. I am doing the same color in my wedding (Tiffany Aqua Blue). David's Bridal came out with a new color in 2009 which is really close to the Tiffany Aqua Blue Color. The new color is called Mermaid. I love it! It's so pretty. Check out David's wedsite. I may be a little late with responding to this thread. Someone may have already told you about the new Mermaid color at David's Bridal. I have not techinally gone to the store to see the color, but online it is SO close. My MOH put a .pdf file together with the Mermaid color, then took pictures off of Tiffany & Co. website and the color is almost identical.
  12. Thank you so much for the tip!! I plan on doing some shopping tomorrow, so will have to check out the Target down the street from my house.
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