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  1. Hi, I have extra favors that I am looking to sell. These chrome luggage tags are a great way to thank your guests for traveling to your event. I used them as placecard holders and then the guests took them home with them after the event. Each plane-shaped tag is crafted of substantial chrome and is dotted with charming heart-shaped "windows". Attached is a black adjustable leather strap. Each luggage tag measures approximately 4 inches from nose to tail. I have 85 tags available and have the following pricing tier with $15 for shipping. Altogether these are quite heavy. I purchases these for over $3.50 a piece and they are even on some website, Beaucoup, for over $6 each! Pricing: Quantity 1 to 25: $2.95 each Quantity 26 to 50: $2.55 each Quantity 51 to 85: $2.00 each Contact me if interested and can ship out ASAP. Would require payment through paypal prior to shipping. Can not get the picture to load for some reason, but will keep trying. If you want to see what it looks like go to this site, airplane luggage tag: $6.25, note that the tags I am selling do not come in indvidual gift boxes
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    Riveria Maya Oldie but Newbie

    I didn't wed at a resort. I did it on my own through Ajua Weddings at a secluded beach with a reception at a restaurant in town that we had all to ourselves. It was amazing and completely unique.
  3. I was married in Playa in May of 2007 and did not go through a resort because I found there to be too many restrictions. I was recommended the company Ajua Weddings, Destination Weddings and Wedding Planning Services in Playa del Carmen, by a friend who went to a wedding in PDC that was organized by them. It was great and I have no regrets and my planner Maartje was awesome. Everything was so easy. I used another agency for some additional planning for my guests and transportation to beach location to keep my costs down, Playa del Carmen & Tulum Hotels, Condos, Tours & Tips, Riviera Maya Mexico. I would check out both of these and email them for quotes before settling. I was able to do everything for my wedding, including rehearsal dinner, and a welcome cocktail reception for all 50 guests for under 15k. Happy planning! It will be beautiful!!!
  4. marlijean

    Riveria Maya Oldie but Newbie

    I just found this website and am so bummed that I didn't know about it at the time of my wedding. Everyone has really great ideas. My name is Marli and I was married in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in May of 2007. Like lots of the posts here I had a beach destination wedding and it was amazing. People still talk about it today as being the best wedding that they have been to and for those not married they want to have one just like it. I also did a airplane boarding pass as my invitation and a passport as my wedding week program. For the save the date I did a postcard with a weather forecast. Very cute! I had the most fun planning everything for my wedding and doing the arts and crafts for everything: invites, welcome baskets, maps, etc. Can't wait to get involved in this and will be useful for when we plan our 5 year anniversary back to PDC (Playa del Carmen)!!!