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  1. So I'm really computer illiterate, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I can go about writing my review so it's an attachment. Or do I just type it up as a message like this? Sorry...Hope someone can help. What is the easiest way to attatch pictures?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by MayBride2010 I was wondering if any of you went with the photographer at Dreams? I've heard mixed reviews....but I am a student so definitely a Bride on a Budget! We used the resort photographer, and we were very happy with our photos. I'm a huge picture person, so I was soooo nervous about it all. We needed to save money where we could also, so we had to go with the resort photographer. We had Nicholas, and he did a great job. Ill try to get some pics up soon. the only thing we had issues with was they told me he would be up to my room 1/2 an hour before the ceremony to take pics of the girls "getting ready." But he never showed up. I wasn't terribly upset about it, but if that's important to you, make sure you speak up. Also, they told me they'd send two photographers to get all of our guests etc since we had such a large group, but we ended up with just Nicholas. Oh well. Overall we were really happy. Hope this helps.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz I am dying to see everyone's pictures (WisconsinBride, MajikDreams)!!!! What did you do for your cocktail hour? We had our cocktail hour right next to where we were married. It was right on the beach, and everyone was right there already. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz hey WisconsinBride-did you do the buffet? We have 50 people also and are doing it on the beach... We did not do the buffet. I absolutely loved the food too. We chose to go with the silver menu to save some money, and I was not disappointed at all. Our main course was the fish steak which ended up being Mahi Mahi, and everyone raved about it. We had two children too and their meal was perfect for them. They first got a huge plate of fresh fruit which they loved, then they had chicken nuggets with fries. The dance without the floor on the beach was fun. Everyone loved dancing in the sand. Good luck with everything Blkatz! and everyone else.
  5. And for all future brides that were curious about the reception/dinner on the beach...we had 50 people total, and it worked out perfectly. We had the sound system, and we didn't rent the dance floor. I thought it was way too expensive. But I was a little pissed about having to pay for the sound system twice since it was the same exact system!!! It just had to get moved about 50 yards. But the dance portion was fine without the floor and everyone seemed to have a blast!! The food and service was amazing. We used the silver menu even though we had the Ultimate package, we had to pay for the additional 30 people, so we decided to go with that one. And everyone raved about the food. We chose the fish steak which was Mahi Mahi and it was great. The chicken caeser salad was really good as well. Overall, I was so pleased with how it all went. I'll post more soon!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by rachelannmartin Well ladies we finally received our wedding video from the resort and I cried...it was AWEFUL! Not only can you NOT hear what anyone is saying because the music is SO LOUD....but they didn't even record MY vows?!? Only my husbands, what is up with that? So ladies, words of advice ensure you talk to the videographer (Fabio) prior to him leaving. I have emailed him twice and also sent Natalia an email. I have no problem paying for another DVD but seriously, wanna hear my vows on my wedding video...is that soooo much to ask for? Grrrrr.... I am so sorry to hear your video wasn't what you expected. Now I'm a little nervous too. I just got back on Friday, and they told me it would be around a week to get the video to us. How long did it take for you to receive it? Do you have his email address? I'd like to make sure of a few things prior to him completing ours!!! I'll write a review soon. Once I get my pictures up and ready!!!
  7. Does anyone know where they hold the Mexican party? Is it at the World Cafe? Also, is there enough lighting for a reception on the beach?
  8. Gina and Majikdreams, I'll be there the 10th-17th!!! See you there, and good luck with everything! Anyone know about the disco hours yet??
  9. Does anyone have any fun ideas to include in your Welcome letters? I need some inspiration!! Also, what time is the disco open until?
  10. I just realized that I never added my info. I thought I did a long time ago!!! Username:WisconsinBride Names:Branda and Jesse Date & Time:April 15th 2009 Wedding package:Ultimate Wedding extras (and cost charged):Bonfire, extras for 30 more people.... Type of ceremony:Legal/Civil Coordinator:Anabel/Landy Number of guests:50 Ceremony location & time:Seaside Grill beach gazebo 5pm Cocktail hour location and time:?? Reception location:beach or Seaside Grill Photographer:resort Videographer:resort Review (link): Photos (link): Video (link): Planning thread (link): Wedding website (link): Special arrangements / activities:Welcome dinner with a bonfire to follow See my review for ….
  11. I wasn't able to open the attachments for the civil ceremony for some reason. I'll try again later. Somewhere Over The Rainbow was one of our choices also to walk down the aisle to!! Love that song.
  12. Can anyone who has had a civil ceremony tell me how the wording is or what is said? I couldn't find the link to it on page 1. Has anyone had it done in English either?
  13. Has anyone figured out what song they are walking down the aisle to? I want something fun and different than the typical Cannon in D. Any ideas?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Lauren & JT They're really flexible about anything you want to do. We had our cocktail hour at the front lobby outside that overlooks the resort and it was perfect! They served us drinks, but guests could step right inside to the lobby bar and order anything they wanted. Thanks Lauren!!