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  1. Hi ladies, I am trying to make a boudoir photobook. I am late giving my husband the book but that's ok. He doesn't even know he's getting it so it'll be fun. But I've made a really nice one on Shutterfly, and when I was done I got to thinking, is this safe to order over the internet? The photos are very tasteful, but they are not photos I'd want anyone else to see or get their hands on..... what do you ladies think? Has anyone ordered a boudoir photobook through Shutterfly before? Maybe I should've thought about that before I went to all the trouble of making the book..... hahaha.... Thanks for any help Cara
  2. CaraW

    Calgary Brides!

    Quote: Originally Posted by ChristinaP Thanks Cara. Did all of your guests have to have their deposits down within 7 days of booking the resort though? Mine had 90 days, which gave me time to put out invites. Hi Christina, Yes our guests had a few months to put their deposit down which worked out well.
  3. CaraW

    Calgary Brides!

    Hi Christina, It's good to see you on here again. Hope you're doing well. Don't worry, we will do another get together. I wasn't able to go to the last one so I sure hope we do. With us our guests all had to put down a deposit to hold their spot. But I know with other travel companies they wanted us to put down a deposit of around $2000, which would go towards our full payment, but that would hold our group spot.
  4. Yep! You're right! And I forgot to mention that everyone who had a piece LOVED the cake. Here are our photos that I uploaded to facebook. We have 1150 photos from our photographer so it was very hard to go through them all and decide which ones to put up! And it took me forever! hahaha. You need to have a facebook account to see them I believe Cara Woods's Photos - Our Wedding | Facebook
  5. Here's a pic of our cake I brought the cake topper of the two hearts, and the blue flower petals. I love what they did with it. I didn't actually ask for them to put the petals on the cake, just gave them to our wedding coordinator and asked her to incorporate them in our wedding somehow. I was so happy with the cake, and we actually had quite a few people eat a piece! But still the 1 tier was good enough, and we had 53 guests. I was never picky on the cake and didn't care it was only a 1 tier though.
  6. Hi ladies! Just wanted to let you know that the sand ceremony frame worked out great for us! My husband removed one pane of glass, glued the first one (not the 2nd one) and the last pane. I will have to ask him again exactly what he did because I sort of left it in his hands. LOL Here's a picture We actually re-did the sand when we got home because A) it didn't stay in the frame very well travelling back to Canada. And We didn't like the way it turned out. Maybe practice once so that it's not half and half like ours was. LOL
  7. CaraW

    Calgary Brides!

    Same with me, I wish I could go but I won't be able to today. Next time for sure. Have fun girls! Cara
  8. Hey diamondpooch! Oh, I definitely didn't see any kind of flags like that on the beach. Maybe they were brought by the bride? We also didn't want a beach reception, and I'm SO glad we didn't have one because it was so windy the night of our wedding, sand woudl've been all in our food. We had our reception in the Palmeras grill and I loved it, they did a beautiful job of decorating it, and it had a nice breeze blowing through which everyone said they loved because we were all baking!! Lol
  9. YAY! Exciting Maegan!! Bet you're so excited. Diamondpooch - I am assuming that those are the flags they have on the beach at all times that let people know whether or not to swim. If the water is really rough, they will put up a red flag which means do not swim. The other ones I can't really remember the colors... I think that's what you saw in the pics. What color was the flag? If that is what you saw, then yes they're always there. And holy smokes! A fire?? Was it at the Palace? Crazy!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Barbo Thank you Cara, this does help I have something, nothing I wrote personally though. If we end up not using it, just like you, I'd be fine with that too... I just don't want that awkward silence either! lol Also, I'd rather not have my personal vows running through my head, stressing me out. I'd like to be surprised and do the least amount of talking, then it would be more genuine and I won't be plagued with anxiety of getting my 'lines' right! I have Gabriela as a coordinator and have not heard from her in months! I spoke to Claudia over the phone yesterday and asked her to make notes of some of the things we would like to confirm, I'm pretty patient and easy going but with it coming up in a few weeks I'm getting anxious, it's so nice to know that it all works out It's funny because Claudia said that she would have Gabriela email me menu options 'today' as in yesterday, its too funny that 'today' in Mexico usually means 'in the possible futur' lol By the way, your back looks gorgeous in your profile pic! Thank you, Barbara No problem! I know I was the same way, I always thought it would be nice to say our own thing, but I get major anxiety when i have to speak in front of people and I didn't want to have to stress about that either. I just wanted to enjoy the day. So in a way it was nice that it didn't work out for our personal vows. lol. We read them to eachother when we got back from the wedding. Haha I know what you mean, Mexican time is totally different! Thanks for the comment on my profile pic! And diamondpooch- thank you also! Cara
  11. Hello!! It all depends on what you would like to do for your vows. They will let you say your own vows if you choose to do so, but if not they will do the standard vows for you. My husband and I were planning all along to write our own vows. But the day before we left for mexico I couldn't print them off, and we decided to go with the standard vows after that. We changed it up with the wedding coordinator when we got there, which I was worried about because I thought they may still think we're saying our own vows, and they'd hold the mike up to me asking me to say my vows and there'd be an awkward silence, but it worked out perfectly and the minister knew that we were saying the standard vows and they were beautiful. Hope that helps! Cara
  12. CaraW

    Calgary Brides!

    Thank you!!! Aww you had heat stroke? Did you have the photog booked already for your TTD? Yay ladies! I would be up for next Thursday I think! So excited to meet you all and hear about your wedding plans!!!! (If you're all ok with meeting an old married woman hehe ) Cara
  13. Great review. Congratulations MRS!!!! :) Cara
  14. CaraW

    Calgary Brides!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jennybell1 Welcome Natalie and to the windy city....lol You flew in on a crappy week that is for sure - hope you like the wind and rain....four days of it from what the new says. I am still up for getting together, I think we need to decide on a date, time and location, and whomever can come will come. Good luck with the unpacking....keep us up to date! Jenn I agree, we just need to set the date & time... hopefully lots of people can come. If not, whoever can will come, and we'll have another meet for those who can't!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by diamondpooch Gosh I really want the mariachi band, but I just don't think it's in the budget Oh well. Those were my thoughts exactly, but I am SO glad my husband surprised me with them!! They were amazing