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  1. How about Sugar Reef Bar - i believe it's down by the water - 4:00 pm on Wednesday 11/26 for a quick drink?
  2. I think it would be fun to meet up for a drink (maybe happy hour 4 or 5 pm on Wednesday 11/26??) I think Bonita (Sandra), Can't Wait (Karla) and myself for sure will be there ... Amy706 - will you be there yet and sisterofthebrideerica (Lisa) will you still be there then??
  3. I leave Saturday morning at 7:00 am! We are having a limo picking us up since we are staying two weeks (and it's a surprise for our younger kids girls ages 6, 7 & 9). I feel like I have soooooo much to do between now and then.
  4. Can't Wait: Is there a Costco near Tulum? Amy, if you really care about the champagne I would suggest packing a suitcase of it - just make sure it doesn't weigh over 50 lbs and wrap each bottle in bubble wrap (keeps the weight down yet protects). My FI and I are very picky wine drinkers so everytime we have gone to Mexico in the past we have brought about 10 - 12 bottles in one bag in bubble wrap and we have never had a problem with it. We bought several bottles of wine in Mexico before and ended up dumping every last one out -- they were TERRIBLE - and expensive - I don't think they store their wine properly in the heat, etc.
  5. SandyW

    Keep your valuables at Home!

    I am not bringing my engagement ring - at first I was really upset about it, but my FI is just too worried-more about me than the ring- no need for that type of temptation. I will be telling my guests to leave valuables at home!
  6. We arrive 11/22 as well! I am hopeful, yet trying to be realistic. We leave on 11/30.
  7. I was told that I would know something definite and they would move me if they didn't reopen by last week Tuesday 10/21 and now it's the following Tuesday 10/28 and they are saying the same thing to all of us ... my photographers told me that Mexican tomorrow really meant "whenever" ... I was thinking Dreams had higher standards - I HOPE THEY PROVE ME RIGHT....
  8. I would go with DPA as well. When we first heard about the closing at end of September - I was like well that is OK they will move me to DPA (at that time it was suppose to be open Nov 1)... then they pushed back the opening date and my pre-bridal days have been filled with much stress. I know the brides that don't have children have been thrilled to get relocated to Secrets and why wouldn't they be. Unfortunately, us with children in our wedding party aren't so lucky as our options are limited.
  9. Wedding Photographer for Cancun, Riviera Maya this is who I am using - I love how they make the hard cover books & photos look great!
  10. Amanda, Thanks for the quick review. Question for you - Did you have a contract with pricing for your wedding at Dreams before you left? I am just wondering since I have never received one and turned in my wedding request months ago. I was hoping to have my wedding contract complete and pricing finalized before now. thanks
  11. can you please resend Daniel's e-mail (and full name) ... thanks!
  12. ditto - can't wait When we decided on a destination wedding I thought it was going to be easier than having a wedding here....now when I should be picking out fun makeup and playing with hairstyles, working out like crazy, etc., instead I am spending all my time researching new places, e-mailing Dreams, reading this website and answering e-mails and phone calls from our 59 guests about where the wedding is going to be...and instead of getting my much needed beauty sleep for our big day - I can't sleep and I'm really stressed out. We leave in 27 days.
  13. SandyW

    Hair products recommendations?

    what is the brand name of Marrocon Oil product and where did you find it??
  14. That is the same response I have received - they are not taking any bookings at Dreams Tulum for our date. Do you send back your form of wedding/guest attendees to them? We have 1 guest that didn't get book and I added him to the bottom of the form with a note by his name explaining we couldn't get his reservation booked due to the closure. The guest still isn't booked but I think at this point we have to wait until we get moved and then book.