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  1. i also agree, just leave it uneven! You should only have people who are close to you in your wedding party. Asking the cousin is akward for her, as you are only asking to match numbers as you mentioned you are not close. I would leave it the way it is, asking your friend whom you know will say yes. Sorry to hear of your drama!
  2. OK i had just typed up a LOOOONG response to this and then lost it somehow! Boo to that! Waliandayanna I am very sorry to hear you are going through this. I can imagine how frustrating it is. I have what i call a Deadbeat Bridesmaid, who is not coming to the wedding, not attending any showers or my bachelorette and has not called to ask me about anything or be involved or offer help. Its unfortuante and it consumed me for a long time. BUT I agree with Yari, that sometimes i can be consumed with my wedding, and I am doing everything in my power to understand that other people do have lives, and not everyone is as consumed 24/7 with wedding as I am! At the same time, I made a decision to talk to my deadbeat bridesmaid, and then leave the rest up to her. We had a very civil chat, and then that was it. I am now leaving the ball in her court. I am refusing to let the negative energy effect my excitment for the big day, or the big day and AHR. IT will be her actions now that will determine how our friendship will be AFTER the wedding, but I am not going to let her negativity affect the wedding. I have decided to let her remain in the wedding party, because i think that by removing her at this point, that I will feel some guilt or bad feelings and i don't want any of that around my wedding. Or my life. It isn't fair that her actions have put me in this position, but I have do what is best for me. And so do you! I would suggest you speak to the BM's individually. And in person. Email can always be construed as having tone, which never helps a situation. Talk to them in a calm non-accusatory manor and hopefully their reactions WILL surprise you. But then make a decision based on a civil, kind conversation and their reactions to it. If they don't want to make the situation better, I would kindly ask them to attend as guests, so that you don't have to worry about them putting a damper on your day. I really hope that this gets better for you and I hope that they remain as BM's and stop being so deadbeat! I feel for you! All the best....
  3. Hi there, I am wondering if anyone has some ideas for BM jewellry for a beach wedding? My bridesmaid dresses are chocolate brown. My colours are tiffany blue and choc brown. I am wondering if anyone has ideas that might go with those colours and the beach theme? Id like to give my girls the jewellry as their gifts. I was thinking necklaces with starfish? what do you all think? Or can you post pics of what you chose? Thanks for your help ahead of time!
  4. julesDW2009

    April 2009 Brides Check In!

    I am having jewellry made for all of my bridesmaids (all 6!) and MOH. My friend makes gorgeous jewellry so i feel really good about asking her to make them and having the money go to support her. She is making barefoot sandals, necklaces, bracelets, earrings for all the girls. Im very excited! We are looking into giving the guys engraved flasks that also have a spot to hold cigars, which are pretty neat - considering we are getting married in Cuba! I have not spoken to the resort coordinator personally. So far my TA has taken care of all of that! Happy planning!
  5. julesDW2009

    April 2009 Brides Check In!

    Wow everyone has done so much! Good for you! I feel like Im way ahead some days and then the I am an April 21st, 2009 Bride. So far this is what we have done: Booked our Resort & 40 spots for friends and family (Iberostar Varadero and 39 of us are booked and ready to go!) Booked our AHR hall Booked our caterer and decorator for AHR Mailed our Destination Wedding invitations and RSVP cards Bought my wedding dress Asked our wedding parties Bought OOT bags and supplies Bought AHR invitations Asked our flower girl and ring bearers Asked my bro-in-law to play guitar as I walk down the aisle and provided song for him to learn Made wedsite on weddingannouncer.com Still have lots to do! We are making some things for the OOT bags and have to find our discount mugs. Then its choosing decorations and food for AHR and then lose weight and im good! LOL oh and bridesmaid dresses! Cant wait for everything to come together!
  6. julesDW2009

    PLEASE Never Have a Cake like this.....

    Ha ha ha that is crazy! I wonder how much a cake like that would COST? its almost life size!
  7. Im so sorry! She was absolutely beautiful!
  8. This may seem like a silly question... but how are you getting all your welcome bags TO the resort? We were wondering about handing them out ahead of time. Isnt it costly to travel with them and all the stuff to put in them? We were thinking of handing them out at the airport and meeting everyone there but not sure about luggage restrictions and having guests have to put their welcome bag in their luggage. Any suggestions? Thansk jules
  9. Hi! Im getting married at the Iberostar Varadero April 2009. Anyone else going to IBV or have been? I have heard wonderful things!
  10. Its a very pretty dress... but doesnt need a lot of addition. I like the colours a lot!
  11. julesDW2009

    Women's Ass Size Study

    ha ha ha.. i was almost upset about how women feel about thier bodies... and then i laughed out loud! ha ha ha Thanks!
  12. julesDW2009

    New Cuba Bride

    Hi destination brides! My name is Juli and I am a Cuban Bride-To-Be. My finace and I are getting married in Varadero, Cuba April 21st, 2009! Looking forward to meeting all of you! jules