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  1. Thanks so much. I've been looking for affordable brown linen shirts. My wedding is one month away so it right around the corner.
  2. I ordered Battery operated lanterns. I've decided not to use them. The battery operated lanterns were really nice (great color I ordered 2 types of pink) but they didn't give enough light for what I needed.(my venue is really, really dark) I did a test run on the batteries. I turned them on in the morning and late at night they were still on. (but the light dims) They do stand on their own. (battery operated have a plastic base) But I think a little wind can blow them away. Hopes this help let me, know if you have any other questions
  3. If the gift is jewelry(to wear the day of the wedding) than do you tell the bridesmaid before the rehearsal dinner (so they won't buy jewerly). But if you tell them...then why not give them the gift?
  4. I've been looking for a website that sells these necklaces for cheap($20 or less) but I can't seem to find them does anyone know how to make them and are willing to teach?
  5. When would be right time to give the bridesmaid gift? I want to give the gifts three months from the wedding because thats the only time we will all be together. If not it will be 2 days before the wedding. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks thats a great idea. I ordered some lanterns when they come in, I will try with the tealights
  7. I'm thinking of using Battery powered lanterns but I'm very unsure.. Our reception and ceremony will be at the same venue (outdoors) so guest will be there 7 hours. The lanterns will be hung (another dilema) and they need to be turned on before the guest arrive. Can the Lanterns be on for 7+hours without running out of battery? And if anyone has advice on how to hang them in a open space? Nylon or Paper lanterns Do the Battery Operated lanterns give off enough light?
  8. Have you tried Etsy.com (the site with homemade items) Well I think these might be exactly the same(but it comes with six)... Here is the link... Etsy :: ButterflyEnchantress :: 6 Pearl Silk Stephanotis Hair Pins
  9. I'm having a candy buffet for the reception.. I thought I would share what i've done Went to walmart bought jars for $10 or less for each jar. Using chinese boxes for take away container. bought on ebay 200 boxes for $40 (including shipping). great deal Each box will say.. HUGS and KISSES for the New Mr. and Mrs. Adding a label to each box. All I have so far
  10. My wedding is an outdoor so it is informal. My centerpieces are small and there is not much on the table.... I think I will include a menu if I can make myself. Just to fill the table a little.Another question...would I include the candy buffet on the menu card?
  11. I plan to have candle centerpieces (end of march09) for an outdoor wedding. I was thinking the candles might blow out if it's windy.. Would it look stupid if they are not lit when the guest arrive?
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