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  1. This is what I am using (I think) We are doing a casual bbq as well, but we are having a specific eating time... Love makes life a paradise... Jennifer and Shane joined hearts and were married in The Mayan Riviera, Mexico February 02, 2009 join us for a Casual Summer Mexican Barbeque(You might even see the groom barbeque) June 20, 2009 Starting at 5:30 p.m.Dinner starts at 6:30 (With slideshow, pictures and dancing afterwards) At the ___________________________
  2. Hi Girls I have been meaning to post the new ones I ended up making, after seeing some that some of the other girls have made and what I liked. I just never had a chance before we got married. (the first ones I put up were to white against my dress as I went back to my first one after I got it altered) With my shoes on
  3. My mom isn't coming to mine either, (now there is other reasons beyond monetary, but that is how is started out) and it is hard, but we decided to push on and do what we wanted for our day. I like the skype idea though (I might see if we can do it ) I have used it - my fiancée works out of town alot and we have discovered it works really well, and my dad and I use it as well - it will just be getting my mom to be able to download it and figure it out in the next week.
  4. Your dress is lovely, you look gorgeous in it. I like it with the bustle up. but in the end up to you
  5. Your dress is lovely, you look gorgeous in it. I like it with the bustle up. but in the end up to you
  6. Ok so I have had my mental breakdown and I think I am going to see if I can get my first dress altered - I think what it is, is the 2nd dress does not feel "princessy" enough. And we all want to feel like a princess on our day right? If I cant well it is fine, I like the second dress, but I think I would rather use it for the reception. But we will see what happens
  7. Thanks Ladies I am sure it is all nerves, I am just feeling tired, overwhelmed. Just want this stupid move over with. I am getting annoyed at the stupidest things... I will try it with my hair and make up done. I dont like my first dress really at all on me... Maybe it would be different once I saw it altered but right now i hate it.... I dont right now....
  8. Ok so we leave in about 3 and half weeks and as I have posted before - I had to get another dress I was not going to have to alter, (or at least not alot) and I had fallen in love with this one dress. So I got it, but now feel like I look like a grandma or something... I know the style is good for me and I loved it when i found it, just not sure why I am questioning it now. Maybe it is just nerves? Or could have been that my moms comment was love the dress, hate the hair (it was -30 i was travelling by bus, I had a hat on for like 3 hrs) So maybe now I relate that comment to the dress... AGHHHH What do you think...
  9. HI I'm in Edmonton right now, but in the (very long) process of moving back to Vancouver.
  10. Good luck that sucks - their shipping costs are crazy as it was, I wanted to get something and the shipping was almost as much as the product. I hope they can do something for you.
  11. Those are very pretty, I am not that talented, simple was better. Good luck to your mom, I am sure they will look fabulous
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by klopez i was going to do the same...spent about an hour and a half in michael's deciding on beads and getting all the other stuff....got home and said "forget it" and returned everything the next day! GO ME!!!!! HAHA LOL I understand - I thought about it as well. But in the end glad I did it, but then again with everything goinn on with our move I have the time right now....
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by heather007 Looks great!!!! I'm currently working on mine too, except I keep changing my mind on what I like!!!! ~~ I understand that, I did that too - serveral times, I actually have about 3 different "samples" but in the end they are the ones I liked the best. But tore it out like 100 times just to get it right....
  14. Ok so I love the look of the beaded footless sandals but i refuse to pay 80$ or more for them. So I decided to try myself. I really like them, so going to work on the second one now
  15. So I have finally had a chance to put the pictures up here, I made my BM necklaces and bracelets - though realizing the pictures are not super clear, And with moving right now, not positive where they are, I think they might be in Vancouver already (I hope) One has blue cat's eye's beads and pink crystals and the other has pink cat's eyes beads and blue crystals.
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