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  1. Amber, Michael and I are having a small wedding there....just he and I and a few friends. We will be getting legally married in the US before we leave. We were going to get legally married there, but after sifting through all the paper work and fees, we decided to forgoe the hassle and get hitched here, first. I'd love to see pics of your centerpieces. I doubt we will need them, since we are going to be a small group. Thanks so much for offering...that was really sweet of you. Don't forget, I still want to see the pics. Also, are you guys doing any of the excursions outside of the resort. I think we are going to go ziplining one day and on a safari one day. I've heard from a friend (she goes every year) that you must do the one day safari. I think it is through Bravorunners. Thanks for all of your help!! Scarlett
  2. Hi Amberdgraham!! I guess I will see you at Excellence!! We are getting married on July 5th. I have also had a hard time getting in contact with Lisbeth. I've emailed her 3 times in the last week, with no response. What is Ana's email address? I'd like to email her and make sure everything is "a go." We were going to do a legal ceremony, but decided to get legally married in the states before we leave....less hassle and less money. Thanks for all of the info. and thanks for starting this thread!! Scarlett
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    St. Lucia Wedding Planner

    My experience has been just the opposite. I have emailed Awesome Caribbean Wedding planners three times in two weeks and no one has responded to me. Tropic Isle responded the next day. I was really hoping to get Awesome Caribbean (I was impressed with their website). We are planning a wedding for June of 2009. Where will you guys be staying? We are still trying to find a place that is budget friendly.
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    Caribbean Bound...I think???

    Quote: Originally Posted by nashgumbs Welcome. I'm a noobie also. Just curious, what made you choose St. Lucia? well, he and i want to go off somewhere alone. i believe he wants to go the bahamas, but i'm just not sold on it. it just looks too commercialized. i started researching various caribbean islands and i just fell in love with st. lucia. the pix are wonderful and it just looks so natural and beautiful.
  5. gracie1178

    Caribbean Bound...I think???

    Hi!! My name is Scarlett and I'm planning a summer 2009 wedding in St. Lucia. Although, I'm having a hard time getting any wedding planners to email me back. Any recommendations How about resorts Thanks for the info.! Me
  6. gracie1178

    St. Lucia Wedding Planner

    Has anyone used tropic isle weddings (Tropic Isle Weddings - St. Lucia Wedding Planners) as their wedding planners. We were thinking of having a destination wedding in St. Lucia next summer, but I have had not much luck in getting wedding planners to email me back, except for these guys. Anybody have any dealings with them? good? bad? Scarlett