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  1. Thanks everyone...I watch it again and again, my husband just laughs at me (but also stops to watch it again). Like all the LC brides I just loved my wedding! You just can't go wrong getting married there. Trish and Meg - The starfish should still be at LC for you to use. I would double check with Kelly or Nicole as I think the posts on those can break off easily. I ordered it online. I don't recall the site but if you google bouquet jewelry you will find it.
  2. Puerto Vallarta - Adventure Weddings Get married at LasCaletas, Mexico - Information about Adventure Weddings photo services OK I think the above link should work...sorry about that. Happy wedding planning all you LC brides...you made a GREAT decision to get married there!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Insomnia6 Has anyone used the photography services provided by Las Caletas? Looks pretty good from their website.... but I would like to get personal reviews/recommendations/advice. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! I used the LC photographers and was happy with what they did. Actually, I was THRILLED with the entire LC experience. Kelly was amazing as well as everyone else at LC! Our wedding was by far the happiest day of my life. Here is the link to our slideshow so you can see pics from an entire wedding. They do more informal shots which we loved. If more formal portraits are what you want or there are certain groups you want shots of I would just talk to them about it ahead of time...we didn't do this...I didn't even think of it. In hindsight there are a couple of groups I would have liked to have a pic of...totally my oversight. I also thought their prices were reasonable which worked for us as we had a limited photog budget. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions. Happy wedding planning http://www..adventureweddingsphoto.c...-slideshow-36/
  4. Haven't really posted much here but have appreciated being able to come on and get suggestions etc. along the way. I did leave a starfish at LC with Kelly for whoever wants to use it next. It is a clear one so not sure who is next but it is there for you. The wedding was amazing and LC was all that I hoped for!
  5. Just enjoy every minute of it!!! You must be so excited. Can't wait to see the pics and hear all about it.
  6. So glad that you had a wonderful wedding. We are staying at the same hotel in June for our wedding. Can you give me any pointers of places to go/things to do in Mismaloya and any pointers of things to do, bring, wish you would have... etc with the hotel. We are so excited and would love some more feedback as we have not been to PV before.
  7. Welcome, you will find all sorts of helpful info here. Enjoy the wedding planning.
  8. I thought about getting married there and we ended up going with LC. It looks absolutely beautiful in teh pictures that I saw. We are still planning on going there for drinnks one night when we are there in June ~ if we make it there I will be sure to take some pictures of the place and post them for you. (Sorry, I know that is a long time to wait). I believe I might have read a hotel review on Trip Advisor that had someone staying at one of the hotels that was attending a wedding there...if you found that review you could email that personl for pics.
  9. Since you have the date and the place it sounds like you are in good shape. I would send out STD as soon as you can but I don't think it is a rush (I think we sent our our at 10 months out) just so people can start thinking about going and saving-up. I would agree wait until about 6 months out to look for the dress. I am cutting it close but I just ordered mine a couple of weeks ago. Try not to stree too much...somehow it all gets done.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by JodJ abandcraig I am getting married on June 12th as well! We are wedding date buddies! Is your FI name Craig (I assumed from your name)? That would be such as conicidence- my FI name is Craig! Yes, it is Craig...how funny!!! We can both stress together the week before the wedding. When are you guys leaving for your wedding. We are heading out of town on the 7th.
  11. Congrats! Welcome to the forum...there really is a lot fo great info here.
  12. That is beautiful!! I havn't found one I like so maybe I will have to look into doing this (though it looks like it might be tricky...was it hard?)
  13. It looks great...my vote would be for the more bling the better. If not I would outline it. On a side note...where did you get the letter from?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by bca33 I am a week before you at Las Caletas!!! I feel like I have alot done but at the same time I feel like I still have a ton to do! It's never ending! I sent out STD's, hotel and site booked. Dress is bought,sandals bought. Almost done w/ invites to send out at the end of Feb. Photographer and Videographer done. OOt bags done. Grooms present done. Need To Do:need a veil and jewlery, Parents gifts, Maid of honor gift, rehearsal dinner booked(waiting to hear back from 1 other place on pricing),ceremony programs, favors. Who are you using for your photographer? Still have made a final decision on that yet. Finally registered today (Wasn't going to jut MOG really wanted us to...thought I better start out on a good foot and do it.). I need to start making a list so I can get a bit more organized with all of this.
  15. Hey ladies, I am starting to feel like it is really getting close to game time and I need to be a little more organized about what I have to get done. I am getting married June 12th at Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta. So far I have sent out STD, hotel booked, site booked, bought my dress (love it!!). Have contacted some photographers but not made a decision yet. I just have to print the invites but they are about ready to go and the ribbon etc have already been done for them. Was thinking of sending them at the end of this month as poeple have been slow to book ~ I think a lot of people were waiting until after the holidays and have now gotten lazy. We have about 18 booked so far. Like the idea about the April 15th RSVP date. Here is the stuff I still need to do:[*]Get flower girl dresses[*]get grooms pants (already picked out shirt)[*]my shoes (any ideas where to find cute sandals?)[*]decide on and book welcome dinner/cocktail hour[*]MOH gift[*]book photographer[*]finish OOT bags (about 1/2 done but hard when I don't have final #'s) Welcome letters etc. AAHH! I better get moving here.
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