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  1. I have recently returned from the Occidental resort for our wedding. It was amazing! They only have 1 wedding per day. I couldnt have asked for anything more. The WC was great...the flowers, cake , decorations...everything was perfect. I have a shutterfly account with most of our guests pictures as well that you can visit if you'd like "http://puntacanamay20091.shutterfly.com/" password: wedding. We went with the private reception in the beach house, it was everything we could imagine. If you have a little extra in your budget, I highly recommend doing the private reception. We are very happy that we spent the extra money on it. Also, my aunt brought down a laptop and a memory card reader (it reads all different types of memory cards from all digital cameras), the last day she grabbed most of our guests memory cards and was able to download everyones photos and put them all onto a memory stick and cd for us. I highly recommend this. It saved us a lot of time and energy trying to get everyones photos once we returned. Feel free to PM me with any questions! Good Luck with the planning
  2. I am just starting to put together my OOT bags, thanks for all the advice, I have now added and removed a couple of items from my list!
  3. Thanks, I didnt think of these, they would be a great addition to my OOT bags!
  4. Thanks for the great link, I have been looking for something like these! Thanks!
  5. Iscilley, I tried to PM you, but was unable to. I am getting married at the Occidental in May, and I would love to see any pictures that you have.
  6. I went through the same situation. FI and I ended up calling the people that we hadn't heard from, since they are all close family and friends. We just said that we didnt want to rush them, but we were wondeirng where they stood because we needed a final head count for planning. Everyone was very understanding and only one person that hadn't RSVP'd is going, everyone else didnt know how to tell us they weren't going. Like Andi mentioned, if they haven't booked yet, then they most likely arent coming and you cannot wait for them to call. If people were still unsure when we called them, we just let them know that if they do decide to come last minute, the worst that can happen is they do not have a glass of champagne waiting for them. We are doing a beach wedding, so space isnt really an issue for us. Good Luck! There will always be that one person that can't decide.
  7. Wow, I didnt even think about what to do with the flowers. Now you have all got me thinking. I'm glad that this topic was brought up though because I would've been torn when it was time to come home. Thanks!
  8. We are also getting married at the Occidental in May 2009. The WC Laura can take a long time to respond, but when she does she is very helpful. I try to ask all my questions in one email that way I am not filling up her inbox. Excluding airfare (since it is different for everyone) my guests are paying $659/person for 8day/7night stay at the Occidental. Our guests were also on a budget and thats one of the reasons we choose the Occidental. The WC has sent me pictures of previous weddings at the resort as examples, they are non pro, but they are beautiful. The only bad thing I have read about the resort is that the water for the showers doesn't get much hotter than luke warm unless you ask. (I figure who wants a steaming hot shower when its over 80 degress outside anyways!)
  9. Thanks! We will be starting it this monday! Also, the 3 phase nutrition plan didnt come with our package. If anyone is interested in selling theirs, we are very interested in buying one. Thanks!
  10. I just got my P90X DVDs!! FI and I did the chest and back and the ab ripper last night. I dont know about him, but I am soo sore today! I didnt get a guide though with my DVDs and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the order to do them in for the different versions. I am trying to get a guide, but I would really like to start the program asap. Thanks!
  11. I am a forensic DNA analyst. I've always wanted to go into police work until I fell in love with my biology courses in college...I know I'm a nerd!
  12. I'm really sorry to hear that things aren't going the greatest, but I know what you're going through. My FI and I have been together for 5yrs, lived together for 3yrs. We went through a similar phase after living together for about a year. All of the tips from the other girls are great and I agree with all of them. One other bit of advice that I have to add is to try stepping back and looking at your relationship (mostly your actions) as a 3rd person. At least from my experience with this phase, I found that I was "waiting" for my FI to cuddle with me or hold my hand... So I started moving to the couch where he was watching tv to sit next to him, or I would reach for his hand and I found that we were both feeling awkward with the phase and neither one of us knew whether or not to make the first move. I know it sounds a little corny, but it worked and now we both come up with suggestions or cute little things.
  13. My FI and I have always talked about getting P90X, but never knew if it would be a good investment. After reading all of your reviews, I think I am going to purchase it Thank you Carly for the link to the website to save some money!
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