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  1. ohhhh, I definitely want to see the photos! Thanks for offering! I will try to figure out this PM thing!
  2. ok, how funny...we are both in Seattle and we're both renting Tranquilo! So, obviously you HAVE seen it. And you loved it, I guess? We'll try not to trash it this December (we've got it December 14.) Since you've been to Tranquilo, tell me about it. Was it too far from the airport? Was it too far from SJD? Did it feel remote? My wedding planner has said awesome things about it...
  3. Jorxa

    Wedding Coordinators recomendations

    Thanks for the info! I really just didn't feel right about Sueno. I just got a bad vibe so I found a totally different place through SunCabo, Casa Del Costa Tranquilo. It's also known as Buzzard's Villa and it has a third name as well. It seems fannnnnnnnntastic. Have you ever heard of it or seen it in person? I am excited about it!
  4. Jorxa

    Cabo Azul!

    I really wanted to be married at Cabo Azul but my finances won't allow it. Instead we are getting a villa for 5 nights and then going on our "honeymoon" at CA for a few nights. Has anyone seen the TravelZoo special for CA?
  5. wow. it's all so beautiful. I love your dress, and your jewelry and...all the details. so amazing...
  6. Heather, What do you mean a villa/catered reception? Like, a house? or a villa st somewhere like Casa Del Mar? I'm confused
  7. I am looking at renting Casa Del Costa Tranquilo, a private Pedregal villa, through SunCabo. I started to worry that maybe SunCabo was not legitimate and maybe they'd take my money and run. (I like to worry.) Has anyone used them? Was it great? Was it terrible? Any advice? Thanks so much!!! Jorxa
  8. Jorxa

    Wedding Coordinators recomendations

    Do you have a link to Villa Cortez? I'd love to see it! I thought the pictures of Sueno looked charming but then today I found some more photos on tripadvisor that made the place look like a dump! eek! Reassure me: is Sueno nice?
  9. Jorxa

    Wedding Coordinators recomendations

    I think I'm going to use Amy as well. I sent her an email and she replied back within a couple days AND called me to follow up. Which villa are you renting? I think I'm going to get Casa Sueno on Amy's suggestion.
  10. Are there really 73 pages to this thread?! Wow! I might be interested in this resort too. Their website sorta sucks. I have clicked the weddings link about 6 times and the wedding information NEVER loads. aggh! Does anyone have an actual contact name and email for the place? Would you pm it to me possibly? I'm worried I'll miss it if you just post it. Reading your posts on BGP makes me think I can actually have a simple but nice Mexico beach wedding for less than 7 bajillion dollars. ! JJ
  11. Jorxa

    Hola! Cabo bound! (maybe)

    I was on BDW all day yesterday and had no idea anyone was replying to my thread! I am NOT set on Cabo. I would go anywhere that I can have a low key, beach wedding adn reception for less than $7,000 (because I have to leave some $ for my dress, airfare, and hotel.) Do you think it's possible?!?! I am definitely contacting a WC to see if she can put something together for me or atleast to see if she thinks I'm nuts! Thanks for the tips! I'll continue to scour the forums!
  12. Jorxa

    Hola! Cabo bound! (maybe)

    Hello! I am trying to plan a December 14, 2008 wedding. I know it's soon. I know. Still, I am thinking Cabo and I think it's doable. I haven't had a lot of luck getting responses from resorts. Marquis Los Cabos has not gotten back to me in 2 weeks. I decided that was not a good sign so I looked into Cabo Azul. It looks like that wedding will cost a million dollars! So, now...I don't know. I am frustrated and disappointed and I've already started having migraine headaches over the whole wedding thing. This is supposed to be fun, right? Thanks for posting so much good information and so many photos. It's such a huge help! JJ