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  1. Does anyone have experience or know a place with good instructions for making various types of tissue paper flowers? I love the big "poms" I saw in photos of another wedding, but also cute small ones perhaps for centerpieces? Thanks for any help!
  2. ludacourt

    A multi destination wedding for us

    Amarillis--The DIY section has been SO helpful so far! My MOH got me the DIY Wedding book which has been great, but finding actual templates and seeing how they turned out for other people is awesome.
  3. ludacourt

    Washington DC ceremony locations???

    I'm not sure if they do weddings here but Tudor Place Tudor Place - Historic House and Garden Tudor Place is GORGEOUS. It's right in Georgetown, but it feels like you're miles away from the city with all the surrounding gardens and beauty. I love it and would definitely recommend checking it out.
  4. ludacourt

    Married on the beach in Hilton Head...

    Congrats on everything! I just went to a beautiful wedding on Hilton Head last October. It is a really wonderful place to get married.
  5. I'm going through Blue Ridge Weddings for my wedding and they have a tons of packages, many of which include overnight stays at nearby resorts or Bed and Breakfasts. Best of all, photography is included with the packages, making it really affordable. There is an extensive portfolio on there so you can see that there are many nice photos. I also like that there are tons of little "add-ons" you can get with the ceremony. It makes it easy to pick and choose what you want and not pay for what you don't. Since we are doing a private ceremony with just immediate family (followed by big celebrations over the weekend of course), we opted to get married on a Thursday, saving even more money. We're really looking forward to it. All the locations they have within the Blue Ridge Mountains are stunning, and it will be wonderful for our wedding date in October. The site also offers weddings on Virginia Beach as well as "active" weddings...it looks like they've married off kayakers, hikers, horseback riders, and more. I think it's a great option, particularly for a smaller sized wedding, and I can't wait for the big day!
  6. ludacourt

    A multi destination wedding for us

    Thanks everyone! Tod--yes, Charlottesville is gorgeous all the time, but I'm definitely looking forward to having the autumnal colors around on the big day. Fungirl--yes, I had the passport invitations in mind but am definitely thankful for the wealth of resources here! And also for my graphic designer friend who is helping me with the details for it. Yay!
  7. ludacourt

    Our wedding is going to be on MTV!

    Awesome to have a future husband like that as well as the chance to have everythng documented so well! Congrats!
  8. Hi all, My fiancée and I are getting perrsonalized inscriptions inside our wedding bands and neither of us will know what they say til the big day. I am just wondering how long an inscription can be. I want to get the first words I said to him but don't know if it's realistic. The words are "so are you really from Liverpool?" Weird I know but I also know he'd adore it. Any help is appreciated!
  9. ludacourt

    A multi destination wedding for us

    Also forgot to mention we met in Prague, Czech Republic so we are having a travel/international theme for invitations and decorations and such. Any suggestions are welcome!!
  10. ludacourt

    A multi destination wedding for us

    My name is Courtney and my ceremony will be October 23 in Charlottesville, Virginia. My English fiancé and I will have a reception here and in Liverpool in England. I can't wait! Look forward to chatting.