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  1. For a group of 20, you can't go wrong with Breezes Runaway Bay. Our travel agent described it as the most "Jamaican" resort left in Jamaica. We had a great time. The food and drinks were above average for an AI resort. That being said, I've never been to the other places and they get good reviews too. I think Breezes probably has more of a party atmosphere than the others though, from everything I've read. I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices.
  2. I'm not convinced that there's a difference in the 2 room levels. We just booked a Deluxe room, and when we got there, we were upgraded to a plunge pool room. The rooms you really want, are the oceanfront plunge pool rooms. Those are in the new room block with great views.
  3. We buy a lot of stuff from whiteflash.com. They're great and can do custom settings and only deal in the highest quality stones.
  4. I saw the thread about Tungsten wedding bands and didn't want to threadjack, so I'll start a separate thread here. We bought a tungsten band from titaniumkay.com and couldn't be happier. Their prices are great, quality is the same (or better) than any local jeweler we looked at, and they had great customer service. I would say to order a 1/2 or full size down from normal though, as they run a bit large. I contacted them prior to purchasing, and ordered 3 different rings because we had to decide which one we liked best. I made sure, prior to ordering, that they would waive the restocking fee for returning the 2 that we didn't want. They were perfectly happy to do this. We actually ended up returning all 3, and getting a smaller size in one of them... they still didn't charge a restock fee, we only had to pay shipping for the return, they shipped out the new ring on their dime too Overall it was a great experience, and we were able to actually have the 3 rings at home for a few days to decide. They billed us for all 3 up front, but then processed the refund back to my CC within a day of receiving the rings back.
  5. We had a pre-trip party and handed most of them out there. Everyone who was out of town, we mailed theirs to them the same day of the party. We treated the party almost as a rehearsal dinner, and then briefed everyone about the resort, wedding, etc. It also allowed everyone to get to know each other a little before we left... although most were well acquainted already anyways. We had the party 2 or 3 weeks before we left for Jamaica. We included more travel items like a deck of cards, dice, word game books, sodoku, etc. We also added a "packing list" template so that people wouldn't forget the little things.
  6. Here's a pic of our grooms cake from our AHR. It turned out pretty good... except for the misspelling, haha. Oh, and it was delicious!
  7. We used these at our AHR for centerpieces and decoration. We don't need them anymore, so I thought we'd offer them to people here first, before going the ebay route. We have 110 small ones (3" - 4") and 48 larger ones (5" - 6"). $60 + shipping for all of them, or make an offer if you only want a partial. Priority will go to somebody who wants all of them though.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Flasong Well, I hope they don't pull that with me because that is one thing I will freak out about...he does have professional equipment but is staying for 5 nights! I was under the impression if they are a guest of the hotel then it is fine. We were under that same impression, since our TA and Superclubs headquarters in Miami confirmed that any guest staying at the hotel would be allowed to take as many photos as they wanted. I do believe though that we threw up a red flag when we said we didn't need a photographer at our planning meeting. This is why I'd recommend saying that you'll buy a package up front, because that's all they really want anyways. What would be even better, would be a signed letter from Superclubs headquarters stating that any guest would be allowed to take pictures of your wedding. Either way, don't let it ruin your day. You'll be prepared for it at least.
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    Gah! BRB problem again

    We didn't see anyone who had a private reception. We thought about it, but then decided it wasn't worth the extra money, to us. The house band is GREAT and we made friends with them the first night we were there. They played many requests for us on our wedding night, so that was a nice treat and only cost us a tip (which wasn't necessary, I'm sure). Here's a link to all of the pictures that Crazy J (the resort photographer) took. Picasa Web Albums - jkempka - Breezes Weddi... Oh, and here's a link to the pictures that Misti took. http://picasaweb.google.com/jkempka/...eat=directlink
  10. Here's a good piece of advise for everyone. When you have your meeting with Keisha, she will ask about photography. Tell her that you want to purchase a photography package, but that you're not sure which one, and will decide after the wedding. They have a photo office on-site where you can preview all of the pictures that the resort photographer took and then choose a few with an album, etc. When we had our meeting, we told her that we didn't want any pictures taken by the resort and that we would just use our guests photos. This prompted her to say that there would be no "pro" cameras allowed, or there would be a $1000 photographer charge. Greeaaat! Anyways, we followed their rules and our "cousin" (Misti Abner/Photographer) didn't take any pictures of the ceremony but got plenty after the ceremony was over. We purchased some ceremony pictures from the resort then and had Misti shoot our "fun" pictures. I don't think it would've been an issue if we had just said that we would buy a package up front, after seeing the photos. So.. this is why we would suggest doing that at your planning meeting. Our photographer was Crazy J too, he was a nice guy. If anyone else is getting married there and wants some other photo tips, PM us.
  11. Don't worry about the sunset. The photographers will still be taking pictures at that time... and even if they're not planning on it, you can ask and they'll do it. We got married at 4pm and we were almost rushed to get the sunset photos done.
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    Gah! BRB problem again

    Quote: Originally Posted by KJT1985 Thanks so much! What do you think the chances are that we could all make reservations at Munasan for the same time? Although....the buffet is nice because we aren't on a time schedule and can take as long as we want. I guess that's probably best anyway.... For the reasons you mentioned, I would stick with the buffet for your wedding dinner. It's not as fancy or intimate, but it IS overlooking the beach and you'll have the band playing during dinner then too We were bummed when we got there and were told the only dinner option for our group (25 people) would be the buffet, but then we met another couple who had gotten married (and coincidentally, lived about 2 miles from us!) a few days earlier and they were happy as can be about the buffet. We were able to book reservations for 24 and 16 for two different nights. When we were 24, we ended up 8 at each table, which was weird they didn't do 16 and 8 but whatever. Then we went back after some people had left, and talked to Sandra about letting all 16 of us sit at one table/station and she took care of us. Seriously, Sandra is your friend, meet and befriend her ASAP
  13. J2K

    Gah! BRB problem again

    Yes, what Maureen has said is absolutely correct. When you get there, scope out an area that you'd like to reserve for your wedding dinner in the Main Terrace buffet area. We chose some tables almost on an island or peninsula, closest to the beach and beach chapel (which is where we were married also). Also note to make good friends with Sandra, who's the general manager and will generally be taking reservations for the specialty restaurants. She will help with anything needed. More good info is that Munasan can take reservations for 8 people at a time. You sit 16 people to a grill, with 8 on each side of the grill and there are 4 grills total in the restaurant.