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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Calgrl Hi Laura, I was wondering if you could tell me how much it was to hire Kiko and Carlos band. I'm trying to get a quote from them but wanted to be able to compare their quote with what other people have paid. Also, did you have the whole band? They offered to have the whole band vs. only 3 people. Thanks a lot. I know I am not Laura but I had the same band for my wedding last July... I had them for ceremony, cocktail hour and 5 hours for reception... and I believe the total was around $6,000.. give or take a few dollars. I hope this helps! -Erica
  2. Girls name ALWAYS goes first.... that just the way it is
  3. Here is a photo that my Photographer took....
  4. I did the same... We were married in the Courthouse here in NJ 2 weeks prior to us going to Mexico...I did not want to deal with all the paperwork down there and just had the legal part taken care of. Just the 2 of us and our parents were there... I did not want it to feel like we were getting married at all... and to be honest, it did not feel like we were married after that... the real thing was Mexico! Plus down in Mexico you are required to have a blood test down there. Up here we did not have to!
  5. eblum999

    Pnina Tornai Dress for Sale!

    Quote: Originally Posted by t&kJanuary2010 I wonder if they still have this party dress! I love both of your dresses! Would you be willing to sell the welcome party dress? I would be willing to sell it... I so love this dress and it is in PERFECT condition and it is all dry cleaned and wrapped in plastic in my closet... I wish I could wear it again, but the truth is, I probably will never wear it again... so I would like someone else to get the use out of it! It is so comfortable and so flattering one.... I it is a size 6. I am willing to see it for $150. I paid over $200 for it with shipping, since it is not available in the stores! I had to wait literally 4 months for it.. I ordered it last Jan. 1st and did not received it until the middle of April.... talk about cutting it close with getting married in July! Let me know what you want to do
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Danielle77 Hi Ladies, I am just wondering if anyone else has Gabriela for a wc? I am getting married at the Colonial, January 5, and I haven't heard from her in over a month, I have so many questions about the reception and set up and the would like to know about menu options, but she has not returned my last 3 emails. What should I do? I had Gabriela as WC, got married July 18th 2009 and honestly did not hear from her much! I know it is so frustrating when it is so close to your wedding and no emails! I promise you though and I know everyone says the same thing... they are so, so so busy down there (Gabriela told me they do sometimes 65 a month!) that when your wedding does come closer... they will be on your beck and call! I was a worried wort all last winter and to think of all the wasted hours I spend stressing about nothing! I would not stress.... and if all else fails! Call them! I did a lot I hope this helps! -Erica
  7. eblum999

    Pnina Tornai Dress for Sale!

    Quote: Originally Posted by alkoch I love the dress and you look great in it, but I already have my dress - but I was wondering where you got the dress you were wearing what I am assuming was the rehearsal or welcome dinner where everyone was in white. Also I loved the ceremony location! It is beautiful! The dress from the White Party is from Nordstroms.. here is the link JS Boutique Embellished Jersey Knit Gown - Wedding Dresses - Nordstrom Thank you for all your kind words
  8. eblum999

    Pnina Tornai Dress for Sale!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Elizabeth Medina Oh my goodness, having spent some time with this dress (and the very beautiful Erica who would have looked great in a potato sack!) I have to chime in and say it is one totally out of this world gorgeous dress and deserves to be worn again! Elizabeth!!!! Thank you so much for such a nice comment!!! Your too sweet! I so wish I could do it all over again.... from the first time I met you!!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my dress and I wish I could wear it again.... but unfortunately I can't I just watched my sideshow.... AGAIN for like the 100th time! I re-live everything when I watch it and I can not thank you enough for the stunning pictures you have given me, a true gift that I will have forever! I want to purchase the slide show.. How do I go upon doing this? Hope all is well
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by joie1987 AMYNJOE this is a verrrry good question! i would like to know the same thing! i'll email Xhail and see if i get anything back! Hey Ladies!!! Just to let you know... I was able to bring my bouquet home with me all the way to NJ! I did not think I would be allowed to... but I took a chance. The only people who gave me a little bit of trouble (not even) was customs in Newark Airport. I simply asked them to allow me though... that I just got married and I could not bare to see my bouquet go in the trash! it's worth a shot! I have mine sitting in my den in a vase... all dried out! Looks beautiful
  10. eblum999

    Pnina Tornai Dress for Sale!

    Thank you ladies for all you nice comments!!! The bridemaids dresses were Badgley Mischka.
  11. Hello Fellow Destination Brides! I am selling my Pnina Tornai wedding gown! Check out my slideshow to see pictures of it.... Totally gorgeous, 100% Pure silk... built in inner corset, absolutely STUNNING! I am a regular size 6, 5'5" tall. Can be altered to fit your measurements! Original Pirchase Price paid was $6,000. Matching Custom Cathedral Vale originally %1,100. Dress is immaculate. Original Garment Bag, and tags included. If interested, please email me at Douganderica@gmail.com -Erica
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by t&kJanuary2010 Erica, Thank you so much for all of your valuable information. I def feel I am grasping what items need to be addressed earlier on and what not to worry about...trying not to stress..but you have been there so I am sure I will survive as you did You and your guests looked full of smiles and happiness and that is all I want for my day We are getting married Jan 16th, 2010. Many people are booking so it is really getting even more exciting. We are looking at around 45 like your group. You did not discouarge me at all about the wedding beach party... I would totally love to have such a lovely party...it really looked like you guys had tons of fun. I just know we don't have to funds. Still not sure what we are working with as far as numbers so have to keep it simple until I get the final guest count, etc. Now you said Gabriela made reservations for you and your party of 35-45 people at the a la cartes...how far in advance did you contact her to plan that out? Do you recommend certain restaurants over others? I was just thinking of making a reservation on Friday night and then having the wedding saturday. Let people make their own selection on Thurs and Sunday? What do you think of should I make them for everyone for all the nights? As for the welcome dinner...I don't mind everyone not sitting at the same tables...I just want to be together and make some announcements and give out our presents for the bridal party. Will they let us do that?? Let me know your thoughts?? Thanks again I am sorry I have been a little slow on my replys... I went back to work this week after having the whole summer off... oh the joys of teaching Lol I asked Gabriela to book the reservations when I got down there. But if you want to be more pro-active than I was with them, email her and ask how far in advance can you book them.. they might not take reservations until like a couple of days before... I dont know. But Gabriela did all the reservations for me since we did have such a large group! It is up to you and how you want dinners to go.... I wanted everyone together, but I do know how your group and if everyone is going to want to all eat together. Thats your call I see no reason why anyone would give you an issue with handing out gifts in the restaurant... I would do it. As far as the restauranrts go... I mean the French is my favorite... but never actually ate dinner in there... we avoided it and did allow any of my guests to eat in there... since we knew that was where we were having the reception ... I did want anyone to see it before the big reveal I did not like at all the Brazilian Restaurant (Ridizo)... I am not a huge meat eatter and to be honest.... I hated it... I hate to be blunt... but it was not my cup of tea. The Carribbean restaurant was good... and then that leaves the French and the Japanese.... but the Japanese (which I heard was good) was totally out of the questuon for me... since it is an air conditioned and I didnt want to sweat while eatting! (it is the coral grill.... they turn it into the Japanese restaurant after hours).
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by SunnyT Hey, Erica! What exactly IS the air star?? Is it really a balloon with helium or something? Our wedding is June 26, 2010...I wish it was sooner! But I know time is gonna fly by! The hardest part for me is picking the colors for the wedding! Did you stay there for your honeymoon?? -Tania Tania, The aire star is a large "balloon on a stick".. I know that sounds really cheesy... but it was so nice! Lit up part of that party and was the focal point of the party! Everyone kept on say "oh wow.. Look at that"! I would do it over again in a heart beat!!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by harv0136 Erica, looks like you had the violin for your ceremony, how was it? What songs did they play or did you pick? Thanks! To be honest.... I have no idea what was played How bad is that! I hired Kiko and Carlos Band and I left it in their hands... All I can say is that they were incredible!! I left it all up to them.. since they were the experts in the music department... but my one request was that Cannon in D was played as I walked doen the isle with my Dad.
  15. Natalie!!! Thank you so much I just figured out how to do it last night!