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  1. The pictures were great. I still don't think I would use her for my actual wedding based on some of the wedding photos I saw (she is not as good with action shots, and prefers posed photos) and I would have gone nuts waiting on my wedding photos that long without any communication. I had a at home reception late august and would have been very upset not to have my professional wedding photos back. I was extremely happy with elizabeth lloyd. They package prices are almost the same but Elizabeth provides way more photos, on time, and with plenty of communication. She is much better at the action shots and just catching everyone enjoying the party, rather than posing for pictures. Â I think Paulina did a great job with the trash the dress as she is very creative and good with posed photos. I am very happy with the end result but very shocked that I never had any response to my multiple inquiries since the wedding.
  2. For those curious about a full set of photos, here is a link to the photos I uploaded in Kodak Gallery. The quality is very close to what is on the disks (better than facebook shows).  http://www.kodakgallery.com/gallery/sharing/shareRedirectSwitchBoard.jsp?token=585631156905%3A1135045324&sourceId=533754321803&cm_mmc=eMail-_-Share-_-Photos-_-Sharee  Note we only did the trash the dress shoot with her.
  3. I never heard back from her but my discs FINALLY came in the mail today with the photos and a slide show. The only correspondence was the copyright release. Very strange to not have any communication what so ever after the photo session. Â I am out of town so I have only seen the photos my husband loaded into my facebook account. I want to see them directly from the CD before I comment on quality. I really like some of the pictures that I have seen through facebook. He said he really liked the slide show and she was able to use a hard to find song on it. Â I hope everyone waiting on actual wedding photos will get them in very soon!
  4. No word of mine either. I tried a facebook post but haven't received a response. Note they have responded to other post though!
  5. Â I hope the wait is worth it. She told me during the photo shoot it would be 4 weeks. It has now been over 3 months. I would be much more patient if she just responded to any communication I have sent her. My WC's have been trying to contact her daily with no luck as well. I am just very thankful they aren't my actual wedding photos. Â
  6. Here is the contact I have for Elizabeth Lloyd: Â Elizabeth Lloyd Photography http://www.elfoto.org U.S. cell 917-783-5016 Mexico cell 011-52-322-152-4273 Fax 347-823-2605 Email: elizabeth lloyd [info@elfoto.org], Â I don't have a price list anymore but she is very responsive so you shouldn't have a problem getting one. Note she lives in part time in Mexico (Bucerias) and part time in New York so is only available certain months of the year. I can send you the link and password to my full photos if you would like to see a full set of her work. She will grant you access to some as well if you request it.
  7. We booked the 90 person catamaran with about 50 people. It was a lot of fun. We went with the open bar option and there was a ton of liquor. They even gave us snacks even though we didn't choose the food option. You can ask them for a price quote for open bar only option. Â The waves in the bay get worse as the day goes on. We had a few people get sea sick and on the way back from Los Arcos it was pretty hard to sit or walk around the top deck. Those of us not prone to sea sicknes and a little tipsy from the open bar had a blast up there. Others not so much. Â I would not bother with the snorkeling though. They don't give you fins or snorkels, just masks. It is a more like a marathon swim in a current to the rocks, through the opening of the rock, into the shallow water where there are some fish and then a long swim back to the boat against the current. Not at all what I expected. A good laugh though and great pictures of everyone in old fashioned masks and life jackets around their waist. Â We did this the same day as our welcome dinner and everyone was exhausted for the dinner that night. I highly recommend you plan only one activity per day. Â Here is the link to the group I used: http://puertovallartatours.net/private-catamaran-charter-groups.htm
  8. FYI Peanuty468 - San Pancho or San Francisco is probably a lot further than 45 minutes north of PV. They like to seriously under estimate the travel time everywhere. It is north of Sayulita which is at least 45 minutes north of PV. I have been told it is a quaint fishing village (aka very small town). It will be perfect if that is what you want. If you or your guest will want a town with lots of clubs, resturants, and other amenities this may not be the best location. I don't want to scare you off because I have heard great things about San Pancho and really want to visit there on my next trip to the PV area. Â Also, if your wedding is in the hot season May-Oct, you might want to consider finding some place with air conditioning. Trade winds can not be guaranteed to be constant and it gets awfully warm during those months even directly on the coast. It is not pleasant getting ready for your wedding while dripping in sweat. The door to my bathroom was closed the day of my wedding so my bathroom was very warm even though it was ocean front. We had a problem with our a/c one night and I don't think I could have spent another night without a/c. I would have had to go find a hotel room. It was miserable.
  9. Some of our group used the Puerto Vallarta Tours airport transfers. They were great. Picked up on time with friendly and fairly priced service.
  10. I used Elizabeth Lloyd and really loved working with her. Here is her website: http://www.elfoto.org/ My wedding can be found on the second page of the weddings (Amanda and Micah). She only live in PV half the year during the peak wedding season. Â I used Paulina Ulloa for my trash the dress and I have yet to receive any photos or any response to the multiple emails I have sent asking about the status of the photo. My wedding was in May and I was told it would take 1 month to get the photos back. I know several other brides are in the same boat but used her for the actual wedding.
  11. Still no word from her. My coordinator has been trying to contact her regarding both me and another bride they did a wedding for. I saw she posted some new photos on facebook but hasn't responded to any of my emails. Now I know she isn't dead or seriously injured, just ingoring us. I am so sorry yours are your wedding photos. I would be going nuts if I didn't have those back. I am extremely frustrated and mine are just the trash the dress photos. I am glad she was too slow to respond when booking and I went with Elizabeth Lloyd. Her photos turned out great and she was a pleasure to work with.
  12. Just to let y'all know. I am still waiting on my trash the dress photos from 5/17/10. I have sent several emails to her asking about these as she said they would be ready in a month. She has not replied to a single email I have sent. I know another bride that worked with dazzling details is also still waiting on her wedding photos and I saw another bride on here waiting on hers as well. They have tried contacting her as well but haven't had much luck. Â I have seen mixed work from her and this lack of contact is really unacceptable. I would be devastated if it were my wedding photos rather than the trash the dress. I went with Elizabeth Lloyd for the wedding and could not be happier with the results. She was a pleasure to work with as well and kept in contact with me through the entire process of getting the photos back to me. Their prices are almost identical and you get so many more photos from Elizabeth. Per feedback I received from those that worked with either or both. Elizabeth is very good with action/in the moment photos, where as Paulina is better with posed/artsy photos. I thought Elizabeth took some very creative posed photos of us and I was glad to have party photos she took of people not posed through out the event. Â I was waiting until I got the photos back from Paulina to post a review and comparison of the two photogs but I am so frustrated with Paulina I wanted to give all of you a heads up. Plus at this rate I may never see my photos from her!
  13. The Dazzling Details were my wedding coordinators (absolutely amazing). Here is their website where you can find their contact information: The Dazzling Details Hope this helps. Everyone loved our fire dancer.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by punnypunda That's bad news for me if your session was 15 days before mine Also at the mark of the 5th week I started getting a little crazy and contacted a girl that I saw was a fan on Paulina's Facebook page and asked how long it took her to get her pictures. She said it took about 8 weeks, double the time she was told, but very well worth the wait. How many times have you tried to contact her? I have only tried twice. I am about to contact my wedding coordinators to get in touch with her. Her lack of contact is exactly why I didn't choose her for my actual wedding photos. I am so sorry you are still waiting on those! How did you find her facebook page? I have looked for it. The told me to friend her so I could see teaser pictures but I have not been able to find her.
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