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    Dreams La Romana

    Hi Lisa, I ordered from the Silver menu and the food was reaaalllly good!! Here is what we chose: Entree: Capresse Salad Soup: Cream of tomato soup with tangerine and fresh basil Main Course: (Guests got to choose one of these two options; both were so goooood!!) Chicken cordon bleu in a pomodoro sauce OR Beef tenderloin with fresh mushrooms, served with chateau potatoes and vegetables Dessert Apple pie with a calvados and vanilla sauce Hope this helps! Rikki, I know exactly how you feel! My biggest worry for my wedding day was the weather. The reason why I chose a destination wedding and DLR was because I wanted to have an outdoor wedding in a beautiful area The day before my wedding, it was pouring and thundering the whole day which it usually doesnt happen; it usually just rains really hard for a little bit and then it stops. So you can imagine how stressed I was; but the next day it was sunny and beautiful and I was truly blessed! Im positive you will have a beautiful wedding day with lots of sunshine I wish you only the best on your wedding day and enjoy it as it passes by so quickly Hi Nancy, Congrats on you civil wedding Now youre off to your destination wedding (the most important one LOL) I hope you have a wonderful wedding and I hope its everything you wished for SUNNY WEATHER AND CLEAR SKIES FOR EVERYONE!!!! Hi Ewa, I had my civil ceremony in Ontario about 2 months before my DLR wedding! I had it at the North York Civic Centre and we got our marriage licence right there Yanna never asked for it as we had a symbolic ceremony but we took it w/ us just in case! I think you should bring it with you; better safe than sorry
  2. Sorry, i forgot to ask more more thing. The resort is "Occidental Grand Flamenco" punta cana? or is it Occidental Punta Cana which is now known as "Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana"? xoxo
  3. Hey Teresa, Thats an amazing deal, since the wedding budget for me and my fiance isnt a problem but for my guests it really is. I was wondering if you could e-mail me any info/pics you have from the resort. I'll private message you my e-mail. Are you also having a private reception? And where are you gettin married? I want to do it in a gazebo; hopefully the resort has a pretty one. Thanks for your help xoxo
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Ayita I think so, yes... you should go on Expedia.com and play with the research motor... I don't know where you're flying from, but for instance, I asked for a Toronto-Cancun in the "vacation package" tab, for the first week of Oct 2009... it came back with the following prices per person : - Barcelo Tucancun all inclusive 1054$ - Crown Paradise Club Cancun All Inclusive 1057$ - Barcelo Costa Cancun All Inclusive 1059$ - GR Solaris Cancun & Spa - All Inclusive 1126$ - Oasis Palm Beach The Family Resort & Spa All Inclusive 989$ - Gran Caribe Real Resort & Spa All Inclusive 997$ and there are more. You can narrow down to certain resorts, and then search the resort sites or call them to find out about their wedding options. You can search all the destinations you want the same way. It takes some time (it took me 2 months to decide on a destination, I played a lot with all the tools...) hey ya, Im flying from Toronto as well. Those prices look good; you just gave me a little hope again...yay. Thanks so much. Im gonna start using travelling websites for price info and i guess given that my maid of honor's mom is a travel agent should also help. Thanks so much again xoxo
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan This really isn't the best place to find prices. prices are going to vary so much especially with airfare. is the $1000 price for air fare & hotel stay? Use a website designed to give you prices like hotels.com, tripadvisor, etc. We stayed at the catalonia for a week for $1000, but out flight was from north carolina. I used funjet.com to compare prices. i sorted hotels starting with the lowest priced first & made my way down the list. They first chunk were either not-AI, off the beach, or just not that nice. After getting through those fast, I found a group that were reasonably priced, but still nice places. I started comparing their wedding options. Some had ridiculous fees for weddings. I kept a pros/ cons list. The catalonia riviera maya really appealed to me. It was such a great value & a really great place. they do have private reception options. if you want more info, search for catalonia riviera maya on the forum & you'll find a thread i started with all the info i have. Hey, Thanks so much for the advice. Im realizing myself now that the best thing to do is to get pricess off travelling websites and to use this website more for info and ideas about the resort. I will for sure check out your thread on the catalonia riviera maya. thanks so much again
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    Any Bavaro Princess Brides??

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bavaro-Princess Hey everybody here are the prices of the SPA and of ocurse the wedding Packages... i owe you the pictures i have to upload them some other way and then post the link i will try to do it once i get home tonight... let me know if you need anything else... i have tons of stuff... Hey, Thanks for the info. I just had a few quick questions. I was looking at the wedding packages and for the private gala dinner in the conference room, it says it costs $670 per person. Im guessing that must be a mistake right? Do you kno what the actual price might be? Also, it says that for the beach party, you need a minimum of 40 people; you think they would be ok with lets say 35 people? Ok and here might be a really silly question and i appologize...im still a beginner *lol* here it goes anyway... Is it mandatory to get a wedding package? or could i just pay separate fees for such thing as the ceremony site (gazebo) and the cake? And one more silly question and i promise im done So if you have to purchase the wedding package, is your trip included in that? I kno its a bad question lol but these packages are so ridiculously expensive and i dont even need 80% of the stuff that they include. for instance, im bringing my own flowers. Thanks so much for your help xoxo
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by EricaG I am actually getting married at the Grand Palladium on Nov 30. It is a beautiful resort and I loved it the last time we were there. As for the photographer, I agree that you should look into getting Photo Souvenir. That is who we got and if you contact them right away, you may be able to find out what days they have open while you are there, so when you book your wedding at whatever resort you go to, you can see if that day is available. Hey ya I was wondering how much your guests paid for a week at Grand Palladium (tax included) if you dont mind me asking. thanks xoxo
  8. Hey, Im also interested in a Punta Cana wedding, but my guests are on a tight budget. How much are you expecting your guests to pay for a week (tax included) if u dont mind me asking?!? thanks xoxo
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by michelle08 I know you are overwhelmed and you are trying to find the best deal for your guests. I don't mean to sound harsh...but you will most likely find more information by searching the forum for what you are looking for then posting the same exact thread in 5 or 6 different areas. Alot of people search the forum for new posts and will definately see your post no matter what area you post it in. There is so much information on this forum from all of us who have been married and those still planning and usually it's not hard to find at least some info that will help you out. Hey, Sorry I posted them in so many places. Im new at this, but I already got a warning in my mail box so ive learned my lesson lol I was gettin overwhelmed b/c i have been looking throughout many of the forums and they all have amazing advice/info but they dont state the prices the guests paid and thats what i am most interested in. My budget for the wedding is not an issue; my parents are taking care of everything ..just the guest and other family members are not willing to pay too much which i find fair. Their budget would be 1000 for a week, taxes included. xoxo
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Ayita The first thing to lower your prices is to chose well your time of the year... if you chose to go during peak season, your prices will be sky rocketing ! They generally drop starting May and get back up starting December. There are a lot of affordable resorts on the Riviera Maya. Some of them have actually different resorts in the same big complex, with different pricing / standards but your guests can stay at different ones depending on their budget (I think Iberostar, Gran Porto, and Barcelo but I could be wrong). Also, the more in advance you look, the lower your flight costs. Another thing you can do is chose to organize a non-AI wedding (or in a hotel or resort that will accept external guests) and let your guests pick their own resort... Hey, Thanks for much for the advice. I was actually planning on on doing it sometime at the end of spring or during summer, so you think 1000 per guest would be ok for a week? Also, my guests and I would prefer to stay in the same resort. Thanks so much
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Bianca What about Catalonia Riviera Maya? I think thats pretty budget friendly. have you picked a time of year yet? The holidays are always more expensive. Hey Bianca, Thats my name as well I looked at pics of it. It looks very nice; hopefully the price will be ok as well. How do I go about it? Who do I contact for info? Sorry, im totally new at this. Thanks again
  12. Hey Mel, Thanks for the reply. I was looking for a resort which is 100% all inclusive. All the resorts my friends have gone to cost $1400 for two weeks such as Barcelo Premium Plus in Punta Cana, Viva Wyndham Tangerine in Cabarete, etc but thats cus they were last minute tickets off itravel2000. I know someone who has done their wedding with last minute tickets so it was extremely cheap (in Cuba) but in my case i do not want to do last minute b/c I want to be able to plan ahead my whole wedding such as decorations for the reception. So you think 1000 per person/tax included/ for a week is totally impossible? im so
  13. Hi, So ive been looking and looking for a resort that has everything i want but which wont cost my guests too much but so far I havent had any real luck. For me and my fiance, the wedding cost isnt an issue; my biggest problem are my guests who are used to travelling to resorts which would cost them $1400 (tax included) for 2 weeks. So i thought i'd be fair and look for a resort which would cost them around $1000-$1100 (tax included) since many are still finishing their studies and thus have no real income. I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions? What Im looking for is: 1. All inclusive (a must) 2. Costs the guests between $1000-$1100 (tax included) for a week 3. Can be either in Mexico (i.e. Riviera Maya, Cancun --but not a spring break type of a place) or Dominican (i.e. Punta Cana) 4. Must have an option for a private reception Any suggestions would be muuuuccch appreciated. I feel like im going nuts here. Thanks so much guys p.s. I know Ive already posted this msg in other forums, but given that I have no idea where to have my destination wedding yet, I wanted as many suggestions as possible for various locations.
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    Thanks so much you guys. This website rocks
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    Hello everyone. My name is Bee and Im gettin married in May/June of 2010 most likely in Punta Cana. Im still researching so the date and location isnt 100% for sure yet. Although I just signed up with an account recently, Im not entirely new to the website; ive been busy reading others' posts for some months now for ideas and they are all amazing. xoxo