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  1. I believe iPhoto does the same thing if you are looking to make printed books, and they are really good quality.
  2. Honestly, it's very kind of you to even ask this question! But since they are finishing up before dinner starts, you don't need to arrange dinner for them. Usually vendors won't like to hang around just to hang around anyway after they finish as it's not like being at a wedding socially, so they will usually just pack up and be on their way anyhow. If you're concerned, maybe just mention in an email to the photographer that just to confirm, since they're finished before dinner you haven't arranged for a meal, and is that alright. I'm 99% sure they'll say absolutely fine. :-)
  3. Hi Kristy, I know you are in New York, but if there are any ladies who are in the Toronto area who need this type of photography done, I'd be honoured to help out and donate my services :-) You can see my Boudoir work here: Boudoir Lisa Mark Photography and here: BOUDOIR My aunt is a breast cancer survivor, and she herself had a mastectomy...it was a scary time for her, but we thank god she beat it.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by TammyB We had individual wedding cakes at our wedding. That is stunning! Is it way more expensive to do individual cakes vs. a full sized one?
  5. How about throwing the word 'Sunset' in there, like maybe 'Heavenly Sunset' or 'Hypnotic Sunset'
  6. Also, if you are expected to walk around - wear comfortable shoes!!! This is a must! When my clients ask me this question I usually say something like smart casual, which can be jeans and a nice top. It's really up to them. One thing I do mention is to ensure that the bride and groom have the same level of formality...you don't want him in sweat pants and a hoodie and her in her best Sunday dress...DYKWIM?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Jacilynda Ha I'm totally laid back. I'm only going to wear it one day. I know some people keep theirs in hopes that maybe their daughter will wear it one day. Honestly, I hate my mom's dress and would never wear and more than likely my daughter will probably be the same about mine. I plan on rolling all over in the sand with it! I know eh? I mean I'm all for sentimental, but I'm also realistic about the fact that I don't want to wear my mom's from the 70's and my daughter prob. wouldn't want to wear mine either because it'll be dated by then. Also from a photographer's perspective, it's so much better when the bride just goes with the flow and is outgoing during the shoot, which always earns high praise from me! One of the last few brides I had couldn't wait until she could get her shoes off and walk around in the sand. And we even did the groomsmen portraits right in the water with their pant legs rolled up, haha!
  8. New and used gocco, Crafts, Clothing, Shoes Accessories on eBay.ca If you search ebay there's multiple auctions going on for gocco systems at the moment!
  9. Always have something between both parties signed and dated. And on all my contracts I note when and how much was paid for the deposit. That way if they don't deliver a high resolution disc of images, you won't get stuck if they say "oh that was never included" and you know it was...get what I mean?
  10. My fave was def. the Santa one! Hahaha
  11. Welcome Carissa! I'm not sure myself, but I'm sure lots of these ladies will be very helpful to you!
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