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  1. I am so glad to hear that this is totally an option!! i was a bit concerned when I started diving into the legalities in Mexico and really do not want to worry about things not being official right then and there!!
  2. Marty20

    Dreams Cabo

    I am also looking to be a Dreams bride in October 09 and have so many questions I don't event know where to begin... Those of you that have already booked your dates, did you give Yescia a number of dates?? Did any of you choose one of the packages or did you create your own special day from scratch and not a package?? Any feedback would be great because I am trying to figure out where to begin. Lisa
  3. Marty20

    Mid-summer wedding in Cancun

    Hey Cristina, welcome!! Lisa
  4. I had a friend of mine that used the basic package (Dreams Los Cabos) that they offer as FREE if you qualify and she built everything else around it. She ended up paying approximately $16,000 for 65 people and stayed there for 2 weeks.
  5. Marty20

    RoSean's Dreams Cancun Wedding

    Congrats on your beautiful wedding!! I have been doing research the last few days and have really not found anything about Dreams except from the website. This really helps so much!
  6. Marty20

    Hello Everyone!!!

    My name is Lisa Martinez and my fiance and I are recently engaged...2 weeks today!! We are looking to have a beautiful wedding in Mexico at Dreams Cancun or Dreams Los Cabos in October/November 2009. We have just started our researching and planning and I am so excited to pick everyone's brain for some great ideas and I hope I can return the favor and help others in the process!! Happy Planning!!