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    Wedding dress and veil for sale

    Birdcage Veil - Birdcage Veils Here is the site I got my veil....this is the veil I have minus the flower.
  2. cruisebride2009

    Wedding dress and veil for sale

    I did not even think to just send a link of the dress online. It is a Forever Yours wedding dress in ivory. Wedding Dress Style 47123... As I stated earlier, I purchased in a size 16, but then had it altered down to a 14. I paid $70 for the birdcage veil. I am negotiable on the price.
  3. cruisebride2009

    Wedding dress and veil for sale

    I think I may take you up on the offer KLee! I don't understand why it would not let me upload the pics. It would make things alot easier!
  4. Hello ladies! I have my wedding dress and veil for sale. I keep trying to upload the pictures, but I get invalid file. I have tried to adjust the size but it won't work! I need help! With that said, I have my ivory, all lace wedding dress for sale. I literally wore it for 4 hours on a cruise ship. It is clean and did not even touch the grown. It was originally a size 16, but I altered it to a size 14. If you are interested, I would be more happy to email pictures since I am having pictures uploading them. I paid $850 for it and am negotiable on the selling price. I also have a birdcage veil for sale. Please email pm if you are interested. I would be more than willing to email pictures.
  5. Hi ladies! I have a brand new Adesso instant photo album for sale. I decided not to do the whole instant guestbook thing. The album is cream and has never been used. It is the album only, meaning you would have to get the polaroid camera on your own. Letting it go for $30 or best offer. I just want to get rid of it. Ta ta!
  6. cruisebride2009

    Pre Cruise wedding ceremony

    I am getting married on the port of Fort Lauderdale before my cruise leaves. I wanted to get married on the beach in the caribbean, but it would have taken some of my guests out of attending the wedding. I have guests who are cruising with us and also guests who are just coming for the wedding. The wedding is at 1:00 pm and they will depart the ship before we sail at four.
  7. cruisebride2009

    Cruise Wedding OOT Bags

    I sent out my cruise gift bags about two weeks ago for my guests. My bags were beach bags that I purchased last year from Old Navy. Each bag had: a beach towel, room key holder, sunscreen, battery powered hand held fans, beach mat, and first aid kit with alka seltzer, band aids, sanitizer and motrin. We decided to go ahead and mail them to our guests ahead of time because we have no suitcase space to transport everything.
  8. cruisebride2009

    May 2009 Brides

    I am so happy to have stumbled on this thread...my wedding date is May 17 and it seems like it just crept up on me. This thread will hopefully get some fire under my butt! My to do list: -Apply for florida marriage license-plan is to get this done THIS week -pick out veil-I want to find one of those netted, caged veils -pick up wedding dress-it should be ready in the next two weeks -finalize wedding guests gift bags-I am doing separate gift bags for my cruise guest versus the guests who are coming only to attend the wedding. My cruise gift bags are complete. I am leaning towards doing gable box gifts for the wedding guests with: bottle of water, small alcohol shooter, snacks, and a shot glass. not 100% sure on this though. -reserve hotel room night before wedding, I am treating my wedding party to a suite. -plane tickets I am getting excited by the minute!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. cruisebride2009

    My OOT Boxes!!

    Those are really nice! I am really leaning towards doing the gable boxes as well. I second the question above..where did you get your boxes and monogram tags?
  10. cruisebride2009

    Old Navy Beach Bags

    Hello ladies! I have about 9 beach bags for sale. They were the beach bags that were at Old Navy last summer. PM if you want me to email you pictures of them. I am selling them for $5.00 a bag plus shipping. They are great bags, I just purchased too many. They are in an assortment of colors. I can email you pics of them from my camera phone. Thanks!
  11. Wedding Favors, Unique Bridal Shower Favors, Wedding Party Gifts ♥. The guestbooks are discontinued and you have to put in the code clearance50 when you are checking out.
  12. Hey ladies! I have decided to do an instant photo guestbook. There are a few threads on here about brides who have also used this idea for their wedding. I just discovered that the guestbook alone is 50% off at American Bridal. They usually run about $60.00, so it's a great deal!!!!!! Only thing is the only colors they have are red, blue, and beige. Check it out!
  13. These are awesome!!!!! I love the recovery kit!!!
  14. Great website! Thanks!
  15. Hello fellow brides! For those of you are doing first aid kits, did you do your own template to put on the front of the kit (I know most of the kits are plain)? For those of you who did, did you just print your template out on white labels? I really want to try clear labels but I don't know how it will show up! I have seen some great templates on here! Just looking for ideas!