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  1. Petals: Thank you for all that information, it was very helpful! What did the resort charge you for the speakers and stuff? Do they have an IPOD hookup yet? How was the food? I think we are going to order from the pastafarian.
  2. Petals: Your pictures are amazing!! I can't wait to get there! I have a couple questions for you. First, was the steel band worth all that money? Second, did you have any entertainment for the reception? If not, how were things like the cake cutting ceremony run?
  3. Heather0623

    Local Jamaican Flowers - Cheaper?

    I contacted Kreations flowers. Here is her e-mail address....kreationsflowers@yahoo.com. I think her name is Kerri. Her prices were great! I asked for a quote for a dozen roses that I will put together myself. She quoted me $33.25 and $24.00 for deliver. It was the cheapest by far! She was really quick with getting back to me. I would send her an e-mail. Good luck!
  4. Heather0623


    I had the same problem with my guests. I am getting married at the Grand Palladium at the end of June and have 40 people attending.Make sure you give your guests these options. I know a few people that had done a destination wedding before and offered multiple resorts for people to stay at. This way if they really want to attend they will be able to find a resort that is in their price range. They will just have to pay for a guest pass to come to your resort for the wedding. If your guests really want to be there for your wedding, they will find a way to make it happen.
  5. Congrats!! I can't wait to see the rest! I hope you had a blast!!
  6. Heather0623

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Petals: Good luck and congrats...Hopefully you will get some answers when you get there. I haven't received a response back in almost a month! I have given up since everyone said Jacynthia was very good when you get there. Is anyone doing their first dance at the ceremony location? I was considering doing that since we plan to get married in the gazebo and have the steel band.
  7. Are Parsonage flowers fake? THey look so real on their website. If you don't mind me asking, how much did the flowers from there cost? Also, do they ship them to your destination for you or are you taking them down with you?
  8. Heather0623

    Decorations: What are you taking?

    You sound so organized! How are you going to get everything down there? Also, what are you doing for the flowers? I am stressing out about the flowers because they are so expensive!
  9. I was in Mexico last summer during a wedding. The girl that was getting married there went to some local market and bought all the flowers for her bouquet, her maid of honor, flowes to decorate the gazebo and so on...she spend a total of $75 dollars for everything and just had to put them together herself. I know Mexico isn't Jamaica but there has to be somewhere you can get flowers locally. I plan on bringing down silk flowers to make small arrangements for my girls. I will have that to fall back on if I can't find flowers locally. Hope this helps a little.
  10. Caroline, Everything looks beautiful!! I'm glad to see you enjoyed your stay. I had a few questions for you, my fiance and I are getting married in June. We noticed you had beef medallions which was not listed at the menus that I was given in Oct., do you know if they have updated them or were changed? Also, I wanted to see what you did for your guests as favors? What did you do for your bridal party? I wanted to do my own flowers b/c the resort is expensive, do you know of any local markets around that sell flowers? Is there anything you need to prepare for before leaving for Jamaica? E-mail- HB607379@yahoo.com Thanks!
  11. Heather0623

    Grand Palladium NOT A BRIDEZILLA

    I'm sorry to hear about all your frustrations!! I have been e-mailing Charmaine for awhile and finally received a message from Jacynthia Jackson. She says she is the new W.C. She e-mailed me back within 2 weeks and since then I haven't received any answers. I know she is busy but all of us are playing LOTS if money for their help, the least they could do is send a quick response. I have some time before my wedding but I still want answers. Can anyone help? I want to know if we have to choose our wedding location prior to arriving in Jamaica. Also, I am getting married at 3pm, Charmaine said we can choose when to have the reception. Has anyone else done that? We are having a private reception and I want to be able to choose which time I want the reception to be. Does anyone have any information on this??
  12. My e-mail address is HB607379@yahoo.com. What made you choose this resort? I have looked at review after review and it is so hard to decide on just one!! I think the Grand Palladium is very affordable but I have been looking at picutres and it doesn't seem to have much of a beach. Do you know anything about this?
  13. Caroline, If you send me some information as well I would appreciate it!! Thank you and congratulations!
  14. Heather0623


    Hi! My name is Heather and my fiance's name is Joe. We are having our wedding in Punta Cana in June of 2009. We have no idea which resort to hold our wedding at. We have never been to the Dominican Republic but have heard great things. I hope to get helpful information on this forum to help us pick a great location!! :-)
  15. Heather0623

    Private Receptions

    My fiance and I are getting married in June of 2009. We have only ever been to Mexico and know that is not where we want to get married. We will be having about 50 guests at our wedding. We have pretty much narrowed the resorts down to 3. THey are Majestic, Dreams, and Iberostar. Can anyone give me information on any of these resorts to help us pick one?