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  1. Alright thanks for the info I just got confirmation that they have my date avaialble so hopefully i will get the ball rolling and I think that I am also having claudia as well!
  2. I am willing to chat because I sent in my request for a wedding date and I am waiting to hear back, But I Would love to see pics and info on outside photog rule also any contact info for the wc there would be awesome!
  3. Hey guys I am new to this thread i was getting married at dreams but because of some bad things we have heard about the resort we switching and I am highly considering this resort but the only thing I am concerned about is I must have an outside photog. I read through this thread and i see that you can bring one if they stay at the hotel one night is this still true!
  4. Hey guys I was going to get married at dreams but i am changing that and highly considering this resort any pros that make it stand out!
  5. Here is a link to a great website I found with plactic vases which would make them easier Flower Vase : Shop Glass Vases at VasesGalore.com
  6. love these ideas i think i am going to mix some together and will post some trials!
  7. Super cuet stuff i think i may try a diy on the luggage tags and make something similar! I will let you know how it goes
  8. That would be really cute then you could also put the date on there I love it cause I am getting married in october we could send them as thanks you's! Thanks for the idea
  9. I love the idea of coral and Aqua, my friend did coral and lime green and it was also great!
  10. I say go for it , People will understand its you
  11. Paula, Thanks for the support i am confident in the resort I just want the contract signed so I can book the photographer who is holding my date for now and then i can relax and get to work on my fun projects!
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