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    Congrats and happy planning!!!
  2. Hello everyone! I know I have not been on here for awhile! Just wanted to share with you some of our pictures that Beth put together for us! Hope you all enjoy! Rebecca + Brian | ELIZABETH LLOYD - Photographer
  3. Still available: seashells, paper lanterns, and some table runners Thanks!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by dawnkyeknod Do yo have a pic of the centre pieces set up with the sand and candles? Thanks Sorry I do not! We did not hire a professional photographer for our AHR and I completely forgot to take pics of everything- too busy talking to everyone!! Only have pics from family and friends and those centerpieces were not in any of them
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by *~*Mel*~* Everyone's pets are so cute! Here's our big baby Taboo The first pic our breeder sent us of him (we got him at 11 months old, he's 3 now): His favorite pastime: And his favorite pastime again. Poor thing was too big for his bed (we FINALLY found him one big enough for him, lol): He's a big boy but he has no idea. He's afraid of his own shadow and the pug in the condo across the hall intimidates him He is so adorable! Love the pic of him on his "small" bed!
  6. Sorry-for duplicate posts! The paper lanterns are still available also.
  7. Still have available the seashells, table runners, and cocunut palm paddles. Everything else has sold. Thanks
  8. Paper lanterns and bud vases are still available!!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by melette Hi! I was wondering if you have a better photo of the Coral table runners? My colors are coral and aqua. Thanks! I hope these help!
  10. The bud vases have sold! Still have the hurricane vases available.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by ebredhawk these are my pups... cash (right) and sammi (left). they are both rescued mutts... our best guess is border collie mix and weimaraner/choc lab mix. sammi is MUCH bigger than this now... this was about 4 months ago and now he's 8 months and weighs 65 lbs! Oh my gosh! So cute! What a beautiful mix on the choc.lab/weimaraner. They are both adorable.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by BachataBride Absolutely!! My pooch Killick is "mom's boy"!! And sometimes "dad's boy"...but mostly mom's! lol I will have to get some updated pics to post! He's a wopping 95lbs now...only 16 months old (today actually!) and the vet says he's not done growing...oh my! OMG! I love Chance's brindling (sp?)!! It's beautiful!! Thank you! When we seen him we never seen another dog like him-he was so unique. We always get asked about what he is at the dog parks!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by seaprincess They are both beautiful! What kind of dogs are they? PS I have a friend who has two dogs named Shadow and Chance....what are the odds Thank you! They really are my babies. My husband always says that when he dies he wants to come back as my dog b/c they get all the love and attention. That is so funny on their names! We decided on Shadow because of his color. He is miniature pinscher/rat terrier mix. Chance is a plotthound and we rescued him from a shelter so we gave him a second Chance.lol
  14. I have no idea how I missed this thread! Here are my babies! Shadow is on the left and Chance is on the right. There are both 2 years old. Some more
  15. They were on sale at Michaels for $2.00 per vase. Not sure if you have one by you but I could check to see if they had any left for you.
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