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  1. I forgot.... I added people the day Igot there and they just had me pay then....you can add people as late as you want. They wont turn away extra income!
  2. I have a cluster of replys to different peoples questions... Invites- I sent my RSVPs a year in advance then sent invites in November for my March wedding. If you are doing the dinners where you pick the main course you will need to let them know 30-45 days prior how many of each meal. I had my invites made form Designs by Diane on ETSY... she made my invites, placecards, and programs and saved me hundreds. I also got rave reviews from everyone. Let me know if you want to see pics. Beach wedding... while i was there I saw 2 beach receptions. As soon as it got dark people were huddling and covering themselves from the wind. It could have just been a windy time I am not sure. We did a private dinner on the beach and I wouldnt even stay for dessert it was too chilly! DJ... I was very worried about this. I made 3 cd's and gave them to him. He will request someone in the party to do the MC'ing for the initial intros which actually worked better. Ask the comedian in the group. But he did a fantastic job. I dont know about Ipod hookup but the cd's he played and also mixed his music in between. We danced from start to finish. Sky deck- While we were there they had a wedding on the sky deck.... there setup is very similar to the way they set up the beach ceremonies. It looked beautiful but also windy! I should have my pro photos back next week and I cant wait to post! Mandy
  3. OK girls.... so I havent posted in a very long time but I just got back from my wedding at the Azul Sensatori on March 14th. We had 45 guests with us including the photographer that we hired. Well...it was everything I dreamed of and more. Of course some guests had small complaints about their rooms or alchohol selection but nothing major at all. Anything wrong in the room was fixed almost immediatly. The resort is absolutely beautiful. I have to admit I was really worried prior to going when it came to the coordinators but Gilberto is wonderful.... They are really very attentive and absolute miracle makers. Here are my pros and cons: Pros: Beautiful resort... hotel rooms are amazing. Everyone raved about the rooms. Staff- Contrary to what has been said I was so happy and so impressed with the staff. Salon- Beautiful and very helpful. 8 girls getting updos and 3 polish changes and everyone was happy. I could not say enough about Zaida. Wedding coordinators- I am confident that no other resort could have pulled off such a great party! DJ- I was back and forth on this subject but really didnt want to rely on an Ipod for my wedding. I made 3 cds- dinner music, fun stuff and booty shaking music. They played my cds and their music and we didnt stop dancing the entire night. They even had props... balloons and glow bracelets. Reception food- I had picked a 3 course menu out of the options.... not a set menu but one I put together. Arugala salad, shrimp tortillas w/mango chutney and the options of beef tenderloin, grilled mahi or chicken stuffed w/mushrooms..... FANTASTIC. I had raves! Cons: Resturants- I know that they talk about how the food is sooo fabulous.... dont get me wrong their is fabulous food mixed in but the menu are tough. Italian resturant was the worst....dont get the eggplant parm or osso bucco. The Tapaz was great and the Zavaz was great... most people did not like le Chique. Alcohol- They claim that their is top shelf alcohol but there is not. According to the wedding sheet there was supposed to be belvedere vodka and don julio tequilla....nope. The alcohol is not top chelf and forget having a corona. Other than that I would completely reccommend this resort for a wedding to anyone! I also was scheduled to have my reception on the beach and after our private candlelight dinner we decided it would be to cold and moved the reception to the plaza and decided it was the best decision ever. It was beautiful! Dont pay for a dance floor! Also, for those of you who are using Tamms Photos for your photog your are going to be sooo happy. Tammara and Grant are wonderful. I am trying to convince them to come to visit in jersey. They were perfect! I cant wait to get pictures.... I will post as soon as I get them! Good luck guys... you made a great decision.
  4. I am not getting married here but I am honeymooning here in March... I have been to secrets capri before and can not say anything but good things about my stay. I loved everything. The service is wonderful, food is great and beds are comfy! I would have loved to have had my wedding here but have children in the wedding party! I cant wait for the honeymoon!
  5. I am sure nobody wants to hear this but.... I have not been stressed at all about not getting responses. I know a bunch of people that have done the destinantion wedding thing and all of them agree that no matter what you plan before you get there nothing really matters. The onsite WC are amazing and as soon as you get there you do all your planning. Girls remember.... you only do this once(hopefully) and you have to enjoy it!
  6. I just logged on to post this link.... my TA sent it to me this morning. So excited!
  7. Sounds like you have been busy! I am wondering why you didnt comment on Azul Sensatori I hope it was beautiful.
  8. Mexican Bride: I am using an outside photographer that I got approved. From what I hear the only photog you cant use is Matt Addock.... it took me about 1 week to get written approval, though I go through an outside coordiatior not Fabio
  9. I am getting married right in the middle of Spring break... March 14th. Just make sure you are not in the center of Cancun and that your hotel doenst accept spring breakers. You should be fine!
  10. When i checked on just the hotel rate it was somewhere in the area of 1/2 the price or a little more than 1/2
  11. Saavy... we will be there the same time! I am getting married March 14, 2009 but fly in on March 9th!
  12. I also almost booked Mexican Wedding Photos... but I couldnt justify spending the money on a company I couldnt get any info about. I tried so hard to find reccommendations for them but couldnt find anyone that had used them. I ended up going with Tamms Photos. Tamm's Photos - Wedding Photography Intro
  13. I would also check out the Paradisus I hear it is beautiful. I am getting married at the new Azul Sensatori... I would love to hear your comments when you get back... GOOD LUCK!!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by mexicanbridewithquestions Hi Manders I saw that you have sent out your save the dates. That's great because that is a lot of work in itself and such an important thing to get done. I noticed you already had people booked and know of some that are not attending. Did you put a response card on your save the dates? Mexican Bride... I rushed like crazy to get those save the dates out.... my wedding is in the middle of spring break so airfare is creeping up quickly. I did not send out reply cards I have spoken to people that notified me to say they wouldnt be able to make it... I have 3 friends getting married within a month from my date so they were an obvious no! I did my save the date magnets through pioneercolor.com I thought they had the most unique magnets and would reccommend them to anyone... it only took 1 week to arrive!!!