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  1. We want to use these for our Thank You cards... Does anyone know where to get these online for a reasonable price that are good quality? I've seen some 5 x7 ones on Shutterfly at about $1.79 for 50. Thanks in advance!
  2. Jessica, We used Derek Wong since he's my friend's friend. Shawn would have been our 2nd choice though. Did you get to book him? If so, congrats! I'm still waiting to receive the pictures, it takes a couple of months. I cant wait!!!
  3. Beautiful! The colors of the sand, sky and water are so pretty!
  4. Just a pointer- the sunsets in the summer time can only be seen in the Northern parts of the island (since the sun sets further North and it is blocked by the West side of the island). We had to drive to North Shore and the area by Paradise Cove to watch them.
  5. Hey Jessica! I went two business days beforehand, just in case. It took less than 30 minutes, there was no line around 10 AM. They just have to re-type all the paperwork and make you say a little statement and sign the paper. The most difficult part was that we had to figure out our parents' full names and that was about it. They also asked if I wanted to expedite getting the certificate afterwards (which takes two weeks)... for another $10. That was a different line (records) so that took a lot longer. If you dont want to change your name, make sure you tell them that as well. Good luck!
  6. His work is great! I wanted to use him for engagement pictures, but he was totally booked... but he was nice enough to recommend his other photographer friends to me with similar styles.
  7. Flying takes like an hour and is about $50 nowadays- check Hawaiian Airlines. I agree- time would be more important to me in this scenario.
  8. Here's my review: I seriously want to cry everytime I think about the experience that I had. So I read all these great reviews of Dorys everywhere, like 50 of them, I had not seen a single bad review of her... So I scheduled and did a trial... no problems. Big day arrives... Dorys was supposed to do makeup & hair on me and one BM. Her assistant was supposed to do makeup and hair for two BMs. We talked about how I needed to be finished first by so and so time so the photographer could take my getting ready pictures- and she agreed. I emailed her again a few days beforehand to remind her. Her assistant was slow, and ended up taking the entire time (almost 2 hours) working on one BM, so Dorys did my hair, then ended up switching to do the other two BMs hair. By then we were running really late, and I told her that the photographer had to go downstairs in 15 minutes. She said "Ok, so what does that mean?" UGH! To make a long story short, she had to rush to finish my makeup and hair. The photographer had left and I didnt get take any getting ready pictures.. which makes me really sad. She probably spent a total of 30-40 minutes on me, which was upsetting because I paid her $150 to do my makeup and hair and $100 per BM- and one BM got worked on for almost 2 hours! She let me check my hair in the mirror before she sprayed my curls in and I noticed that a lot of hair wasn't curled so I had to tell her two times to re-curl those areas... By then, it was almost time so she quickly sprayed it even though I wasnt happy with it. I feel like if she would have spent the hour or so that she was supposed to on me, my hair would have held better during the rest of the day. Instead, it went flat in less than an hour! Also, she glued on my eyelashes in 3 dots rather than gluing the entire lash... so one fell off after I cried. Luckily, one of my guests had glue to fix it. My makeup was good, but my hair didnt hold for more than an hour... but the worst part is that I will not have any getting ready pictures. =( I can never do this day again so it just makes me really sad when I think about it.
  9. Germaine's is okay. Paradise Cove is better- there are tons of activities to do beforehand, such as lei making, canoe-ing, etc. I havent been to Polynesian Cultural Center since it is relatively far and would take a good chunk of your day.
  10. In my opinion, it is one of the best hotels on the island. A lot of celebrities stay there because it is outside of Waikiki, but not too far. They also have a dolphin lagoon with 6 dolphins!
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    Hi, I found this site a little late... but our wedding was last month (June) in Honolulu, Hawaii. I wanted to put some reviews up of our vendors to help others.
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