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  1. Hello future brides! I got married in Akumal (Riviera Maya) in June and have several books for sale. Please visit my auctions on Ebay if you're interested. Destination Weddings for Dummies by Susan Breslow - eBay (item 190337697347 end time Oct-02-09 17:56:33 PDT) The Everything Destination Wedding Book - eBay (item 190337697865 end time Oct-02-09 18:01:22 PDT) Tie the Knot on a Shoestring by Leah Ingram (2007, P... - eBay (item 190337698580 end time Oct-02-09 18:06:49 PDT) Also, if anyone has any questions on getting married in Akumal, please let me know. It was a wonderful experience, so beautiful!!
  2. Hi Ladies - I got married in Akumal Mexico in June, and have several wedding guide books for sale. I currently have them posted on Ebay, so I'm going to post the links here so anyone who is interested can purchase them. 1. Destination Weddings For Dummies Destination Weddings for Dummies by Susan Breslow - eBay (item 190337697347 end time Oct-02-09 17:56:33 PDT) 2. The Everything Destination Wedding Book The Everything Destination Wedding Book - eBay (item 190337697865 end time Oct-02-09 18:01:22 PDT) 3. Tie The Knot on a Shoestring Tie the Knot on a Shoestring by Leah Ingram (2007, P... - eBay (item 190337698580 end time Oct-02-09 18:06:49 PDT) Thanks for looking!! Kristina
  3. Good morning - Has anyone used Scott Brown in Akumal? I have him for our photographer for our wedding in June. Just curious if anyone has any experience with his photo style. Thanks!
  4. I was thinking of mailing a couple of boxes of the items for my OOT bags and reception ahead of time to our villas so we wouldn't have to worry about customs. Has anyone done this and have some advice? THank you!
  5. Does anyone know of a gazebo by the ocean that is not located on an AI resort in the Riviera Maya? We will be in Akumal, with the reception at the CEA center in Akumal. Anywhere in Tulum, Akumal, Puerto Aventuras areas?
  6. I am actually going with the Mexican wedding cookies for favors at the reception, but I am looking for something loca to the area to add to the welcome bags I am putting in each guest's room. Maracas sound fun! We'll have to se where our schedule takes us. I know the weekend of our wedding will be busy because we will be getting together with our family and guests to do some outings. Will keep you updated!
  7. Hi Again MarieSam.... thanks for the pics of CEA....I'm still not sure about where our ceremony will be, most likely at our villas. Looking at your pics, tho, I'm wondering about the rear of teh CEA where there is stone/concrete ground. You having been there before, do you think it's big enough and nice enough to hold th ceremony for around 30 guests? Also, any suggestions on little favors from Akumal (or in nearby towns) I can buy to put in the OOT bags? I've got a bunch of things already, but wanted to put in one last thing that is a souvenir from there. Something under $5-$10 each. When are you guys getting there again? We'll be there through Friday the 26th, just missing your wedding....I would have liked to come meet you!!
  8. I'm curious, too. I wanted a violinist for my wedding, but my WC was having a hard time getting in touch with one. The one she did find would "learn" the songs I wanted. Wasn't too comfortable with that. So she said there is a harpist is looking into who is supposed to be fabulous. Don't know the name of him/her yet but will let you know if I get any info.
  9. We've been together for almost 4 years, have lived together for at least 2 years. We will be in Mexico 4 nights before the wedding and are staying in separate rooms until the wedding night. Like someone else has said, it is more to buil up the anticipation and to go with tradition. This was my choise though, no one gave me their opinions that we should or shouldn't do it that way. Good luck!
  10. krysiafosz

    JUNE 2009 BRIDES post

    Oh I forgot! We also bought our wedding bands and got them 2 weeks ago!
  11. krysiafosz

    JUNE 2009 BRIDES post

    I'm getting married on Friday, June 19th in Akumal, Mexico. This is what I've done so far: STDs sent out My gown purchased and received, and shoes Bridesmaid dresses purchased and received Some bridal party gifts purchased Las Villas Akumal is booked for us, and most of our family - also the ceremony site Reception location booked - Centro Ecological Akumal (CEA) Caterer is booked, she's also my coordinator and cake baker - Jen from Turtle Bay Cafe Menus for cocktail hour, dinner, and late night hors d' oeuvres set DJ Bob booked Photographer Scott Brown booked Invitations ordered, should get them next week Honeymoon booked - Hotel La Tortuga in Playa Carmen Palm leaf fans purchased for ceremony Odds and ends crafts purchased for DIY tags, letters, OOT bags, etc Still need to decide on the flowers, cake, OOT bag contents, ceremony musician....looks like I'm getting alot done though!
  12. I am in the same boat as you. I'm getting married in RM on June 19th, 2009, and don't want to go to a resort. We're staying at Las Villas Akumal, where each 1, 2 or 3 bedroom villa has a full kitchen and numerous bathrooms, but you don't have to rent the whole place out. People can't make reservations for however many days they want. I also don't want my ceremony in the sand, so my current two options I'm looking at are either to put up platforms or wooden slats on the beach, covered with nice straw mats, or to have it on the lawn in fron of the villas. It's hard to find a place that meets what we are looking for, I've been looking for months. Good luck!
  13. krysiafosz

    Reception Back Home after DW

    Thanks for all the words of encouragement. It's a bit of a relief to know that I'm not the only one going through this. Like I said, it's not that I MIND a formal reception back home, but it would be more for my mom than for us. The place we will be renting actually has an indoor hall, as well as an outdoor dance floor, playground, and chicken/pig-roasting area. I would LOVE to just do a nice big BBQ, and bring my dog, too! My mom is just so traditional she wants to put on a display for all of her friends. We are a Polish family, so the tradition runs deep. I guess time will tell, but I will have a talk to her and mention your comments. Thanks ladies!
  14. I am getting married in Akumal, Mexico in June of 2009 and am thrilled! All along, we've pretty much figured we would have a reception back home for those that couldn't make it, but I don't want to make it a big, traditional affair. Why pay all that money to have 2 receptions I would be happy with a nice cocktail party, and hooking up an IPOD in a hall we rent. It would still be pretty formal in how people should dress, but without all the extra details (sit-down dinner, wedding cake, etc.) My mom, on the other hand, wants us to have a reception back home that IS more traditional, with the sit-down dinner, DJ, etc. First of all, there hasn't been any talk regarding who will pay for the at-home reception, and if it is mine and my fiance's bill, then I definitely don't want to spend all that money. Even if my parents want to pay for it, again, I don't want another formal reception. Plus, my dad doesn't see the need to even have anything back home, although he's a guy, and sometimes they don't understand all the details = ) To complicate things further, my mom has had a hard time accepting the fact that we are getting married outside of the church in another country, she is very traditional. So part of me just wants to give her SOMETHING to be happy about. The other part of me wonders, "Why even go to Mexico to get married if we'll have to go through a big reception back home, anyways" Help!!
  15. I'm getting married in Akumal in June 2009 and using Turtle Bay Cafe for my caterer and cake. Jen Smith, the owner, is also my wedding coordinator. I also want a violinist and she knows someone. You can ask her for more information. Page Title