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  1. For some, an extravagant proposal is ideal but for us humor was what mattered most. It was a very surprising but wonderful birthday gift. Tyson, my fiance was super sweet and romantic when he did it. We were down at the Beach in Delaware and it was the day after my birthday. I wasn't suspecting a thing and it seemed perfectly normal for him to want to go to the waters edge to see the full moon rise at high tide. We are from New Mexico and he has only been to the beach two other times. I was preoccupied with trying to get a picture of the moon and waves so I didn't think twice when he said he found a shell in the water. I looked at it and quickly dismissed it as a nice find. Tyson handed it to me to show me that it was actually a closed clam. I thought I felt something move inside it and thinking it was alive I threw it back into the water. Luckily, Tyson dove just in time to get it back out before the wave receded. He then said he was going to crack it open. I protested thinking it would break the shell, because at this point it was still just a clam in my mind. He broke it open and handed it to me but I still didn't get it. He had put flower petals inside and since I got it wet they looked like the flesh of a clam and hid the ring. It took him getting on one knee before I realized what was really going on. It was only after he proposed and put the ring on my finger that I remembered I almost ruined the whole thing by throwing it into the ocean! We had a good laugh. This scenario is pretty typical of us, I use to joke about how we were like that couple in the commercial who accidentally ruins the ring in the garbage disposal.
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    Hi Magda Congradulations! You came to the right place. You'll get great advice here.
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    Lost and In Love

    Hi and CONGRATS to all the new brides-2-B and newlyweds out there! I'm not only a newbie to this site, I’m also a newbie to the whole forum and blogging phenomenon, so sorry for any faux pas! This is very reminiscent of the first day of class, but at least we don't have to share what we did all summer. We got engaged a few months ago on the beach. We live in New Mexico but got engaged in Delaware. Long story...includes me throwing the ring into the ocean accidentally. If you ever want a good laugh, let me know and I will tell you the story. As requested, here is the 411 on us. My name is Tram Nguyen and my man is Tyson Gonzales, which makes me the future Mrs. Tram Gonzales – I can see the perplexed looks now! We were planning to have a destination wedding on a cruise in the Bahamas but my father’s illness has advanced rapidly. He now requires kidney dialysis three times a week and just last month underwent quadruple open heart surgery. It has been hard on everyone but we are trying to stay positive. Of course this has put everything in perspective, but does make planning a destination wedding much harder. We had already made all the arrangements for the cruise, so it’s a little discouraging to have to start from square one. As of now we do not have a date or location. The most important thing to us is finding a location, most likely Florida, that offers beach weddings and has a dialysis center near by and choosing a date that will ensure he will be there for. I am not sure if there are any forum threads that discuss special needs such as ours, but would appreciate any advice or suggestions you could give. Congrats again and looking forward to hearing more about your special day!