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    My Wedding at Villa Caletas, Herradura, Costa Rica

    Hi there! I'm so happy that I found you on this forum. I really need help. I am getting married at Cala Luna (Tamarindo) in March. Silvia Chaves is our coordinator from Costa Rica Paradise weddings. Was she your coordinator? She's been great so far. The dj pricing is BUGGING me...she says $750?? I live in Los Angeels, and that's high!! Anyway, if you don't mind, how much was yours? Thanks, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. I just got one from Oriental Trading Company. Not expensive. Now I just nedd a template!!!
  3. CostaRicabound

    Another possible CR bride...

    I am really excited to have my wedding there. So far all our friends have been totally excited and supportive. The main difference between Costa Rica and Mexico I think, is that Costa Rica is rather unique, and there are a ton of activities. I look forward to sharing all of our ideas in the following months also!
  4. CostaRicabound

    Any Suggestions on a Location?

    Hi there! We are getting married in Costa Rica also, and decided on Cala Luna. I know we also looked at Punta Islita, but it was too far away. I actually emailed Lisa who got married at Cala Luna, and she was quite helpful. it is such a small world! The wedding coordinator she used was a bit pricey. we are using Silvia from Paradise weddings. Let me know if you want her number.
  5. Hi guys!I am a NEWBIE...we do not have a wedding planner yet.....I am wondering how to block off rooms for our guests? Do we go through a travel agency?And if so, do we pay them? Any info would be great!
  6. CostaRicabound

    Hello! Getting married in March 2009

    Hi guys! I am from Redondo Beach and getting married in Playa Langosta, Costa Rica in March of 2009. I look forward to getting to know all of you so we can exchange ideas and stories.