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  1. Nadine - I know Karen has been really hard to get ahold of lately and it's been tough when our guests can't get ahold of her either (because then you hear it from them too)! But, I know she's been through some crap lately and was admitted to the hospital for a couple weeks! Things were not good. Then her daughter won this beauty pageant thing, so she had to take her out to Chicago. So, believe me, I know it's been hard to talk to her lately, but I think she's really trying her best. When it comes down to it, she focuses on the most current weddings first. I used to think she was ignoring us too, but she's just a really busy lady - it's just her running this business, she has no one else. Just keep at her (calling or emailing) - I can guarantee that she's definitely one of the best in this industry! I've had some friends use other destination wedding specialists and they've had some really bad horror stories. In the end, I'm happy with Karen and everything she has done for us for our wedding. She really has made things alot easier on me. If we were to have planned this thing on our own, I probably would've killed someone by now!!! Kim, we booked our packages about a year ago now. But we booked with the original hotel, the Gala. After we booked, they then announced that they were undergoing renovations and changing into a Dreams hotel. We paid $1350 for a double occupancy, flying out of Toronto. I don't think these numbers are realistic anymore though, as I know the old resort was a little cheaper than Dreams. Nadine...a planning thread? ahhhhh!!! lol What is that? I am so going crazy right now! I'm making lists upon lists, just trying to remember everything and not leave anything out!!!!
  2. Welcome kimvdp! Glad to hear you are thinking of getting married in Huatulco. FH and I were there about 2 years ago or so, and just fell in love with the area! It's just beautiful! We stayed at the resort called the Gala, before it became Dreams this past year! We are leaving Toronto on January 16th/09 for Huatulco and getting married there on January 19th/09! It's almost a month away and I really can't wait!!!!! Both cndvb9 and I are using the same TA - she is based out of St. Catharines, Ontario, but works with people all over Canada! She's great, her name is Karen Gill - her email address is kgill@tpi.ca. I haven't received any pictures as of yet, but I did find some on another website! They are computer-generated pics of what it will look like when it's all done - I haven't seen these anywhere else. They look incredible, and they've done a complete overhaul on the outside and inside of the building! The website is Cheap Caribbean - just go to "Hotels & Resorts" at the top of the page and search for Dreams Huatulco. Andie, as far as I know, our TA has told us that there is a lady there that is the wedding coordinator. They've been talking back and forth the past few weeks or so. For everyone - FH called Dreams the other day (yesterday I think) to see if everything was open and ready (as their grand opening was supposed to be December 1st). The guy he talked to said everything is open and ready to go. There are still a few things that aren't quite finished yet, but are still underway: The Japanese restaurant should be open in January, the Spa won't be open until the end of February, and there is one pool closed (where they built the new tower) that will probably open in February. Not to worry though, as they have the Japanese food offered in another restaurant for the time being, the spa services are available at different areas within the resort, and there are 2 or 3 other pools to use, not to mention the ocean!!! We are on a major countdown here ladies! I feel like my brain is going a mile a minute lately - I am so uninterested in work or anything else! It's going to go by so fast with Christmas coming up and everything that goes with it! Before I know, we'll be boarding the plane!!! I can't remember if I told you all that I had my first fitting for my dress and it's just as beautiful as I remembered it to be!!! I love it! AND, they had to take it in!!!! yeah me!!!! Anyway, let me know if anyone hears anything new, or if anyone has any questions...I'll do my best to help! Hope you are all doing well! Happy planning! Jen
  3. Thanks for all the ideas ladies! I was hoping to find something on here somewhere! Thanks Jacilynda for bringing this out of hiding!
  4. Hey girls! Nadine, you are so on top of things and your wedding is still a year away!!! You are going to crash when you go through that period where there's nothing to do!!! ;-) hee hee! I, on the other hand, am only 2 months away, and the stress is on!!! I had to answer all those questions and send them in to Karen Sunday night to send to Mexico!!! That was very stressful - trying to decide everything. And...what's with the pricing?!?!?!? All of a sudden the price per additional person doubled? what? I'm a little stunned by that! And anyone know how to pick the food? Does everyone at the wedding have to have the same entree? If so, then that sucks too! I don't eat red meat, but like, everyone else at the wedding does!!! Can I order a separate meal? ahhhhhh!!!!!! Just venting! thanks!
  5. Karen emailed me that same info the other day too. She was coming into Toronto yesterday for a meeting and wanted to meet with us to start going over everything, but she cancelled in the morning!!! (Needless to say though, I was the one who had to email her to see if she was still coming - otherwise, I don't know what would've happened). I was a little disappointed - she really made it seem like it was very important to meet soon and start making some decisions! So, no, I still do not have the new question sheet for the 2009 weddings...kinda sucks, eh? I'm seriously trying not to stress...but things don't sound like they'll be completely ready for us when we go down in January! This is very nerve-racking!!! Karen keeps assuring me things will be great, but I'm worried. Nadine, don't worry about the dress...it will just happen. I was stressing over dresses for a while too, and then, when I least expected it, I found it. The only advice I can give you is to just make sure you have fun when you are out trying them on - really enjoy every minute of it - this is the only time you'll ever get to try on wedding gowns!!! And, make sure you're open to trying on anything!!! Try on different styles, shades, colours, etc... I was so certain I wanted a specific style in off-white or cream, but then I got a totally different style in diamond white!!! And when she held up this dress for me to try on, I didn't really like it on the hanger, so at first I said no....I just about passed on "the one"!!! Don't stress about it, just have fun with it! That's it from me...I'll post again when & if I get any new info!
  6. Typically, the groom's parents are supposed to host the rehearsal dinner. But, if they have already insisted that they are not paying for anything (which I think is silly...) then you have to be creative. Your daughter will be stressed, so try to make this seem as easy as possible! I think a nice meet-and-greet at the bar in one of the hotels/casinos would be great! It's not like it's a sit-down dinner or anything over-the-top, but at least you are all getting together, having a few drinks, and continuing the night exploring Vegas - people can stay at the casino and gamble, go to a night club, relax at a jazz bar....there are sooooo many options - you're in Vegas afterall!! You and your daughter can put together a little welcome newsletter too, that highlights all of the events happening during your stay! A lot of other brides are doing welcome bags (OOT bags) or shirts or something that you can hand out at the welcome party - we're going to do the t-shirt thing, it's just easier for us! Well, hope this helps,...let me know if there is anything I can help you with!
  7. So, here's the latest from our TA - she has a contact at Dreams now, and believes that she is the wedding coordinator! If so, this is REALLY good news! She was trying to reach her by phone the other day to ask her a few important questions (ie- verifying our wedding date and time!!!!), and told me she'd call me when she gets some answers. We are meeting with our TA on Wednesday to go over all the lovely questions. (By the way, I still can't find the list I had - in paper or as a file - I'll keep looking b/c I want to send them to you 2). But whatever happens on Wednesday, I will definitely pass on asap! Judging by how nice the Gala was when we went there a couple years back, I know there is definitely more than just the beach for the reception - I wasn't even considering having a beach reception!!! There was a perfect restaurant beside the poll overlooking the beach & ocean - that's the one I wanted, provided it is still there in January!!! There are also more restaurants, and there is a gorgeous indoor hall - perfect for a large group (maybe yours Nadine, considering the amount of people you are having down). Nadine - that's terrific you are having your sis come down and do some MOH duties - don't you just love it!?!?! ha ha ha! Anyway, please tell her to try to find me - it would be great to meet her, and then maybe I can give her a few pointers while I'm there! (not that I can't email you with everything afterwards!) I do no envy you having to wait another year!!! I am going absolutely stir crazy here!!! We are nearly 2 months away now and I just want it to be January already. For the first time in my life I can actually say that I just want Christmas to be over and done with!!! ahhh!!! The latest from me: I just got a call from my bridal shop saying that my dress is in and ready for my first fitting!!! That's next Thursday (30th) at 11am! I am SOOOOO excited!!!! Mike and I just picked out our wedding bands (actually forgot to do that earlier - oops!) They are beautiful! My third and FINAL shower is coming up at the end of November - my sis and mom are holding it. And...just found a great little spot for our at home reception in February. It's at a hall - but it's their smaller room, it'll be perfect! I guess that's it from me. Hope you gals are hanging in there and having fun with the planning (Nadine - once you get to the 6 month mark, there will be a lot more for you to do, don't worry!)
  8. Thanks for that update Andie...I was starting to get a little worried about that! My travel agent called on Tuesday and that was one of the questions I asked her - she was going to check into that for me! I have a bit of news too - My TA also told me that originally the resort was set to open up in November - we all know they pushed that back to the beginning of December. We were going to go down before the wedding - we were hoping to go December 5th. But, now my TA tells me that signature is not flying out until December 19th!!!! I guess the hotel has pushed things back! So, we made the decision yesterday that we won't be going down ahead of time - it's just too hard! She also said that her rep at Signature is very confident that the resort will be up and running for December - they don't want to miss out on the busy holiday season! She was also looking into finding out if the actual hotel might be open in early December - maybe Signature is just not flying out as early... One lady at Signature just got back from holidays there - she stayed at the Barcelo, which is right next door. She said they are doing alot of work on the site and it looks good! So, this is a good thing!!!! So, things are really underway for us now...it is exactly 3 months today until we leave!!!! Our TA said over the next couple weeks, she will need us to answer a bunch of questions in regards to the wedding...I guess it's all the nitty gritty things that have to get done! I'm actually really looking forward to it! My FH just had his big stag a couple weekends ago - 250 people showed up and he had a blast!!! That same weekend, his mom threw a shower for me, where about 50 people showed up - it was just beautiful! One more shower coming up in November, and then it's December - once we get through Christmas, that's it!!! We're boarding a plane and having the time of our lives!!!! I'll keep you all posted on what happens next in terms of the wedding planning...I'm sure I'll have more info before the week is through!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Andie~ Hi jenluvsmike!!! Who did you hear all of this from?? Is it posted on the website?? Would you be able to send me a copy of the questions you received?? I would love to see the questions...and see if I can answer any either.....When are you going for a site visit?? I wish I had the funds, I think that would be a great help....I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly!! How are the plans coming otherwise?? Do you have quite a few people coming?? Hi Andie! Sorry for the delayed response...things have been super busy around here lately!!! They have posted on their website that it is opening the beginning of December 2008 - no specific date yet. We are hoping and trying to get down for that first week (I think the departure date is Friday, December 5th) to have a look at everything and get some things done ahead of time. Still haven't booked that yet, but just about ready! I also found alot of information regarding the date to reopen on the Trip Advisor site, under the Huatulco forum. I'm actually surprised at how relaxed I am with everything! I'm not stressed at all and I'm nearly 3 months away now! (But ask me again at the beginning of January!!) The only time I got really stressed was when my TA called me to tell me the space on out flight was getting booked up really fast and that the flight leaving Calgary (I have alot of friends and fam coming from the west) was full and my best friend didn't get on it!!!! Anyway, she worked everything out for me, and I'm fine now! Our week is nearly at capacity!!! I think there are another couple groups going for our week as well, which should be fun! We have 35 people total (not too big not too small) - we are really happy about that! My first fitting is in October - and I'm soooooooooo excited about that! I was really overweight when I first found it. Since the beginning of summer, I've lost 22 lbs, so I really can't wait to try that dress on again and put her to work with alterations!!! The bridesmaids are done - cute flowy summer dresses from BCBG (they were all on sale after the summer), and the boys are all done too - nice short-sleeved shirts from Tommy Bahama and khaki slacks from Banana Republic - all on sale from the summer too!!! I don't remember where I put those questions...if you want, send me your email, and when I find them, I'll send them to you! Sorry this turned into a super post!!! whoops! Jen
  10. If I'm not mistaken, I think I stayed there with some friends back a few years ago! We really loved it! It was clean, really nice inside, and had a great pool area (and is right on the beach). We were all there for 6 months on an exchange program, so if you have any other questions about Maz, feel free to ask or PM me!
  11. Thanks for the post! This site looks really great - I'm going to have to try one too!
  12. Thanks girls for all your help! Heather - I'd love to hook up with your group, but since our wedding is in January, I kinda wanted to have the pics done before! kleslie5- I did see that list of photogs in the other post, so thanks for letting me know about them all. Amarillis - I did see your pics before and they were great! You really looked like you had fun, and that's kinda what I want to feel from the whole experience - needless to say I'll be so nervous! Well, I've gotta start looking into this a bit more. The last time I was doing some research on it, I didn't know how to erase the history of websites you've visited, and I think FH may have seen something. Oh well, now I know how to do it and I'll try to keep mr.nosey out of it!!! I'll let you all know what happens!!! I hope to get something in the works this fall! Thanks again!
  13. I'm looking for a boudoir photographer in the Toronto, Ontario area that would be able to shoot before my wedding in January 2009. I'm having trouble finding someone in the area. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Jen
  14. I LOVE the Tobacco Leaf, and I think you can accent it with the Blue Lace (or vice versa). IMO I don't think the Imperial Blue goes with it very well. But, that's me. I think you've made some great choices here!!!
  15. Anyone heard any new news on the Dreams Huatulco situation I know they were supposed to be open for business in November, but now have pushed that back to the first of December. Everyone is reassuring me that things will be ok by the time January rolls around. I sure hope so! I'll let you all know if I hear anything before you! I'm hoping to go down in December just to check things out and make some final arrangements, etc. So, if that all works out for me, I will take lots of pics for you!!!
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