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  1. Hi there, what if you can't get it? What do u do then?
  2. Can someone please email me the renova spa info, i can't open the attachment either karamele.greta@gmail.com Thanks in advance
  3. Hey Kelly, I am getting married a week after you. Can you tell me where did u send yr paperwork?
  4. Where do i find the complete list of the documents? What to noterize and what not... and where to send it and whom to send it to... Wow so many questions..
  5. How far in advance do i need to book my dinner at Mammee?
  6. Can you please send me the Confirmation sheet, I can't open it....
  7. Can anyone tell me what's the difference between a royal decoration and caprice decoration? I have picked Caprice package but i don't really know what i am gettign with that. Thanks in advance
  8. karamelegirl


    Hi everyone, I am a future ROR bride too. My wedding is June 09, 2009. I have so many questions I don't even know where to begin..... Take care
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