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  1. i guess I should change my signature oops!
  2. you ladies were quick! thanks so much for the overwhelming responses!!
  3. When I found out I was pregnant in October I put the big STOP sign on planning my dream destination wedding.. considering my due date and wedding date were only 2 weeks apart. In any case I have a ton of items that I had bought that now are just cluttering up our house as we make room for baby. I wanted to open it up to all of my BDW forum ladies first and I thought publishing it on my blog was the easiest way to show it all. You're Witty... You Should Blog.: Destination Wedding Items For Sale All item prices are negotiable and do not include shipping. I am willing to split quanities as long as I am not left with just 1 or 2.. my email is jennifernbenner@gmail.com or you can PM me on BDW (09bride)
  4. 09bride

    Advice on postponing our wedding..

    Thanks so much for all your wonderful advice! I have my first dr.'s appt this Wednesday. It looks like postponing is more feasible than pushing forward only because of financial reasons for my guests. I want them to have enough time to save. As soon as we pick a new date I will send something saying we are postponing due to unforeseen circumstances.. that way i can tell people when i am ready. Thanks again you ladies are awesome!
  5. 09bride

    Advice on postponing our wedding..

    I knew you ladies would have some wonderful advice!! thank you all so much for the support! i have thought about putting a dual we're expecting announcement plus changing the date.. for the time being i have put a note on our website saying that we are having "location issues" so that will hold everyone off i hope! thanks again! yall are the best =)
  6. Hello ladies.. I hope everyone is having a happy halloween!! Im not really sure where to post this but I am looking for some advice so here it goes. FI and I have been planning our wedding since June for next June 12, 2009 in St. Thomas. We have sent save the dates and 1 other updated mailing with travel info. Our site visit trip is next Friday (Nov 7)! But we just found out that I am pregnant! I'm a little concerned because I had a miscarriage in April @ about 6 weeks. We have decided that you cant plan to miscarry again and we need to go ahead and postpone the wedding. My due date is July 7 so I am only about 4 weeks along right now. Traveling when I am due in 3 weeks is probably not the best idea. I have contacted our travel agent.. and she hasn't cashed anyone's deposits yet so we are good on that front. Our wedding planner says that we can push the date back as long as it is in the same year (2009). So we would have to get married in probably December or possibly November. My question for you fabulous ladies is how do i let our guests know about everything? Is it appropriate to tell them everything? Do we just send them new info? In the back of my mind I am afraid to announce the pregnancy in case I do miscarry again.. I'm sorry this is so long but thanks for your responses in advance!!
  7. The girls on here never cease to amaze me!!!! great find!
  8. thanks!! there are so many different kinds... most are very pretty! =)
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    The Hospital Wedding

    Congrats! That is too sweet!
  10. Swoozies is an awesome store! They have one by where i went to college in SC they have a TON of cute stuff (i got my MOH a bunch of stuff for her bachelorette party there! sash etc) there quality is good but some things are a bit pricey!
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    Anyone heard of IMEEM?

    wow that is really cool! thanks for the tip!!
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    Hello to forum - Lenchika is new here

    i agree samandan, choosing a resort was the hardest part so far!! Happy planning!!
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    HEllo to all!

    and Happy Planning!!!!!
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    Hi Everyone! =)

    and Happy Planning!!!!!
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    Newbie here!

    and Happy Planning!!!!!