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    Diamond Scatter for tables coupon

    Thanks for posting this seller! I am also considering the edible diamonds for cakes - that would be perfect to add to our relatively small (yet important) resort wedding cake in Mexico.
  2. Hey all, we decided to try to stick with what is included in our package at Secrets Maroma Beach Resort - after reading some of the helpful information here about brides being disappointed about the upgrade bouquets. So - this is what I sent to Cecilia, and we'll also be having a 'small bird of paradise' boutonniere for the groom and the other corsages/boutonnieres included in our package. We thought it might be simpler to stick with one simple flower (one hearty, simple flower that won't wilt -that's the kicker for a Mexico August wedding!).
  3. I love the idea of an 'activity' as a gift - so many BP gifts that are marketed to Brides are seriously un-usable, or would only be used on the day of the wedding. Awesome ideas!
  4. Thank you for pointing to these products! I have used the LA Fresh line before and they do make a good product. So perfect for travel!
  5. kisskissmd

    For Sale: Wedding Items

    Hey there, I would be interested in the Postcards if you still have them - I'll PM you!
  6. kisskissmd

    Syl's Dreams Cancun Review

    Congratulations to you and your family! Thank you for the reminder about the men's dinner dress code; I need to be sure to get that on my blog and in an email to the guests while they are packing! I might also try the tipping of the WC to get the room upgrade...Thank you!
  7. kisskissmd

    Swine Brides **Support Thread**

    I am feeling the pain with you ladies who have closer weddings...mine is not until August but the general hubub this is creating has freaked my guests out quite a bit. And all of the ones that were on the fence are ready to say 'no way' at this point. Plus - the FI's parents will definitely not be joining us, as they are both elderly and the flu most commonly impacts young children and the elderly (or those with a compromised immune system) the hardest. I work in the public health field (epidemiology) and I can safely agree with a few of the earlier posts that indeed, this flu is just like any other, in almost all ways. The tricky part is that it is composed of 3 viral strains (swine, avian/bird, and human) so the treatment of it is a bit more strenuous and complicated, particularly if you have pre-existing conditions. Be smart, wash your hands, cover your mouth when you sneeze/cough, and hopefully the world response to this possible pandemic will help everyone in the end (by reducing the spread of the virus). This is 'just the flu' with a few extra considerations, but none so grave that you should not enjoy your wedding day - as long as the airlines are listening to the CDC and WHO, which they should be. Best wishes to everyone!
  8. Hi there! We'll also be hitting Le Blanc for our honeymoon (after our wedding at Secrets Maroma Beach) and I was first alerted to Le Blanc from the program "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?" (I think...or it may have been "Married Away"...they all blur after awhile!) You may want to try to track down the episode to get a really good look at it from the inside-out. Everything I have ever heard/seen has been that the service is outstanding and the venue areas are gorgeous. You cannot go wrong there. Even our travel agent, when asked, FIRST recommended Le Blanc Spa for our wedding (but in terms of cost to our guests, we just couldn't swing it). Good luck!
  9. This is a fabulous idea! We have really been struggling to come up with a unique, yet non-cheesy, idea for groomsmen gifts. I'm going to pass this by the FI this evening - thanks again for posting!
  10. Hi all, I found some great options online - the two I was considering included those from Windy City Novelties (Genuine Hand Painted Maracas) which run $33.00 for 24 maracas, and those at All4Fun (Maracas - many kinds), which seemed to carry the same ones that I wanted at Windy City for $5 less (plus their shipping wound up being less expensive so I did end up ordering through them). They even have simple maracas that you can get personalized for very little moola. I hope to give guests 1 maraca per person, to save money and bulk in our suitcase going down, and am hoping that doesn't make us look cheap or stingy! It's always tricky to figure that out as you go, especially when you have a budget. I hope this helps!
  11. kisskissmd

    Where can I find...

    I found this burlap paper from the Family History Store (listed above) a few days ago and was excited to see it mentioned here too! I am going to use it for a 2'' belly band around our invitation, and then tie either rafia or satin ribbon (1/2'') around the center for a more elegant touch to our somewhat-casual printed invitations.
  12. Hi, what style please? Or email me photos? Thanks!
  13. kisskissmd

    FS - It's the after wedding and AHR blow out!!

    If no one has claimed the table runners with shell accents, I would be interested in those - all 10 if you have them - zip 82009 and I will also PM you.
  14. To add to the 'show and tell', I was at Michael's yesterday and found all of the things people listed above in this thread, along with a few others that I purchased - so here they are! They had these adorable blank notecards with a spanish-feeling picture on the front surrounding a letter - so my friend and I dug through the bin and found all of the C's they had - and I will use these for our thank-you cards (since our stationery set did not come with matching thank-you's) - $1 for 8 cards and envelopes! Then, we stumbled across these adorable 'packing list' pads - and my friend suggested folding one sheet nicely and including it in our invitation packet for guests - brilliant! Our invitations are rather casual so I do not think it will look nearly as ghetto as I was worried it would. 40 sheets to a packet - $1! Michaels also had quite a few things on clearance - I found these cards for $.50 each, and they had just the right quantity for me to use them as thank-you cards for our bridal party. Finally, I bought some paper to try different textures for invitation belly bands, and I scoured the $1 ribbon bin for ideas (we want to tie a ribbon around the paper belly band to add texture) - here are a few that I found that may go well with a DW theme: Hope this helps!