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  1. I was just going to post this.... They had them at our target in Michigan as well, only $1. I got them for my gift bags as well. I have already been looking through them, and they are amazing!
  2. These pictures are hot!!! I am sure he will love them! And koodos to you for losing the weight, you look fab!
  3. Wonderful pictures!!! Love the colors, the dress, love it all!
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    Need some advice!

    Well, I think that this happens to alot of brides. One of my best friends, who got engaged a year after me, decided to have her wedding the day after mine at home in Michigan. At first, I was a little upset...mostly because she can't be at my wedding and I can't be at hers. But the truth is, I am just happy she is happy. I would bet that she will get over it. With time, she will come to realize that you didn't pick your date to make her mad, you picked your date because it is what you wanted. And you, just like her, should be able to have your wedding on the day you want.
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    We booked our hotel/air package with a travel agent. We are recommending that our guest do the same, because it is about $400 cheaper to book together...at least for us. If I were you, I would price out the packages and the prices if you brought each on there own. Sometimes, it works out the other way. I know that when we booked our package, Northwest Vacations threw in free transportation to the hotel. (Which was only like $15 each way, but it is still nice not to worry about it) With a little research I am sure you will find out which route works best for you and your guest. Best of luck!
  6. Awwww, I am so sorry. Sometimes people don't realize how much time, money and effort it takes to put together a AHR. My best advice would be to let it go and enjoy your life with your new husband. If your dad's family doesn't want to be apart of it, they don't have to. Thier loss! I am also curious...what did your dad have to say about it?
  7. Honestly, I have been fighting the urge to watch the show. I know if I do watch it, I will waste an hour of my life....But if I don't, I will not get all of the jokes that have already started. ( I heard about six of them just today!) What to do?
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    I'm getting married

    Welcome to the forum...Your location sounds so personal and isolated. I am sure it will be beautiful. Happy Planning!
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    May 2009 Brides

    Well here it is: Date Picked: May 22, 2009 Resort Picked: Playacar Palace Wedding Bands: Both me and my FI Dress Bought: Still needs extreme alterations STD's: Send out about 2 months ago Invitations Sent: We wanted to get them out early Wedding Registry Done: Although I have to go online and take a few things off...Like the Wii my Fiance ran off and added Passorts Done: Well both my FI and I have them, but his expires 5 months after the wedding so he needs to get it renewed Tip Booked SO MUCH left to do! But it will be okay...I just need to take one thing at a time!
  10. As you can tell from reading the boards, this is something that alot of DW brides have to deal with. My FI and I let everyone know over a year and half a head of time that we are planning a DW and what it would cost. (Around $1300 for 5days/4night) I worked really hard to make sure that our resort was not to pricey and that airfares were reasonable. But, even after all of this advance notice, people that said they would come are now saying that there is no way they can save the money. Honestly, I am okay with this. The most important people in my life are all coming and have not complained about the cost. My parents are being very generous and paying for my MOH and my siblings because they know how important it is too me. My FI's parents are playing for his best man and siblings. We are lucky to have such supportive parents. You are being totally generous in offering to pay for the best man, and in my opinion he should accept your generousity and come to the wedding for his brother. It won't kill him to be away from his famiy for a few days. Everything will work out....it always does. And as long as you have the wedding that you and your husband to be want, nothing else matters.
  11. I am getting married at Playacar Palace on May 22, 2009. Right now, I know little more than what is on the website, but as the wedding date gets closer and the resort gives me more information I will be Happy to share. I am also planning on posting a review after my wedding, so hopefully that will be helpful to anyone who is looking to get married there. There is not a whole lot of people getting married at the resort, which is one of the reasons I picked it. But it does mean that you can read up on the fourm about it, which is kind of a bummer.
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    Shell Bouquet

    It is a really intresting idea, and it will last forever!
  13. j5nichols2

    Yippee! Going to NYC!

    I highly recommend "Sunday in the Park with George", it is an amazing show that was nominated for several Tonys. I go to NYC often to see shows, PM me if you want any info on whats playing now. Have a great time, NYC is one of the best Cities in the world!!!
  14. I love #3, it is very classic. But I would say wear the one that is the most comfy, you don't want to be pulling on your dress during your wedding!