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  1. I'm so grateful I have found this website! I've been going through most of the threads, and I have found some helpful tips and advice that I didn't even think about. Like, I didn't know we were going to need music, for the signing of the registry, and for totally forgot about the recessional. I was just focused on the processional. So thanks ladies! I see that most people are getting married (or have been married) at Ochos Rios or Negril. We're getting married at Whitehouse in just 5 weeks! So I hope they are as good at Whitehouse as they are at OR and Negril. I read that you can bring your own flutes, cake toppers, etc., but we're getting the Twilight package and it's supposed to come with toasting flutes. Has anyone seen what these flutes look like? Should be our own? I mean we bought some for our reception that we're going to have when we get back to LV, but I really don't want to travel to Jamaica with them. Last question, did most of you use recorded music, or did you use the live musicians whether it was for your ceremony and/or reception?
  2. Okay…I apologize in advance if this topic has been covered already… I’ve been hearing mixed reviews on the photos Sandals take. So do they or do they not take good pictures? Do they take just colors, or do they take some black & whites, etc.? I’m a little worried on how my pictures are going to turn out since it’s only going to be me and my beau and they don't allow outside photographers?
  3. Thanks for all of the warm welcomes everyone!! I'm very glad to be here. So far I haven't seen too many "infinity brides" on here...Are they're any more out there? Because I sure did have a hard time getting the resort I wanted because of all the 8/8/08 madness....We originally wanted St. Lucia, then tried to get into Antigua and Ocho Rios, but everything was booked! Getting into Whitehouse was actually pure luck. FYI: I live in Las Vegas, so if anyone is thinking about getting married or honeymooning in Las Vegas, and you want to ask some questions, please let me know...I'll try to help!
  4. Hello All, My name is Shonda and my wedding is set for 8/8/08 in Jamaica. We are getting married at the Sandals Whitehouse. I'm so glad I found this website, because I have never been to a Sandals property before, so I'm looking for advice. Also, none of our family and friends could join us (well - they could have if they had planned better), so we are having a reception for our family & friends here in Las Vegas. So I'm looking for advice, tips, and ideas for the reception. I looking forward to chatting with you all and making some new friends!
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