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  1. Oh good, i'm glad I was able to help....my guests love them so far! They called me original. I just laugh because really i'm not. I got the idea from the knot and this site but we'll let them think i'm all that!!
  2. Ya, that was supposed to be, "Did you ATTEND, do tell!"
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by SAM Those look great. I see your getting married at Turtle Bay. My friend was married there recently....loved it!!! Oh did you ahead? Do tell....
  4. I have the answer for you.......but you'll have to go look at my posting that I just posted about my luggage tags. I just posted it a bit ago showing off mine, (lol). I don't remember what their called and I just erased the email about them. Go check out my posting. It'll say MY DIY LUGGAGE TAGS. Original huh?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Soon2beTWells I love them, where did you get the plastic cover? Also, what program did you use? Thank you so much!! First of all, I didn't use any program. My FI is an architect and is artsy like that. I am SOOOO not!! We've been apart from one another for 5 months so you can imagine we've both been bored and needing things to do. So I put him to work! I honestly really couldn't tell you how he made them. But I can ask him if you'd like. Here's the thing, I found the photo for him and then he added the wording on it. He had to make 6 to a page. He made the outline and then sent it over to me and I printed and cut everything out and then shipped everything out a few days ago. As for the plastic covers, I bought them on shoplet.com. The brand is Proximity Badge Holders and their $12.32 for 50. And you'll also need the plastic straps and those are a brand called Sparco. 100 come to a box and the box is $11.47. Everything cost me like $50 because i needed alot of them.
  6. I just sent out my luggage tags along with a brochure from the hotel and a postcard to give some information about the Luau we will all be attending!! Enjoy the photos below.......
  7. Hi Tara, where abouts did you get that ribbon? And those tags.....are they the kinds that are laminating or do you slip the paper in them? Did that make sense? Cause i'm thinking of leaving the paper blank, so my many guests can fill it in themselves. And how are you going to ship them to your guests? I've been thinking.....ooohhhh what's that going to cost? In a regular envelope, in a package, etc....yikes.
  8. I was thinking the same thing......I'm making these luggage tags and thinking to myself........."ok now what do I do with these besides mail them." Ahhhhh, now the hardest part. I'm not making a pre-travel brochure. I don't really know what I would put in it or if I'd have the time for it. Boo!! Any other suggestions out there?
  9. This has been the most helpful thread so far, thank you!!
  10. Thank you for clarifying that about the ads. I was all confused. Still don't get why anyone would have any problems with this entire forum and create conflict, but you know how it is......people just gotta complain about SOMETHING. I sometimes wish I didn't work, because really, I'd be on this thing ALL day. No really!! I'm just glad we're all squared away, I think. Believe me, I was NOT complaining about this site one bit. I was just hoping nothing was wrong with my computer, I was getting nervous cause the thing is getting old and I fear breakdown! Have a good day.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host alot of people do not realize that this forum started as a hobby of mine when i was planning my wedding...back then it had 4 members. now it has over 5000 with 20-30 people joining every day. i pay for the hosting, software, tech support, etc. out of money from my own pocket and also am the one that has to do all the upgrades, maintenance, etc. on my own in my free time as i cannot afford to have someone work full time keeping this site running smoothly. i think people also do not realize that searches, downloading attachments all use server bandwidth so they cause the server to run more slowly...so when you see a newby complaining about "Points" and why they can't just download as many attachments as they want and you donate points thinking you are being generous, keep in mind what you are really doing. also, when you complain about the ads, also keep in mind they are the only thing keeping this forum up and running...if this server plan i have now does not work i will have to upgrade the server AGAIN. this will take a ton of time and also cost double what the hosting plan we are on now costs. another thing, I own a travel agency that specializes in DW so when you advertise your own travel agent for perks or whatever it is a little frustrating. Perhaps what I said came out incorrectly....but it was never intended to say that the folks/you of this forum have done anything wrong or don't do enough. What I simply meant was I thought maybe it was ME or maybe something I was doing wrong. Everytime I got on, people were posting and it didn't seem like anyone was having problems. I was only checking to see if it was me or system wide. And I have no idea what you're talking about complaining about ads, I haven't complained about any ad yet. Unless you weren't speaking directly to me..... Again, all I was doing was checking to see if this was a system wide problem or just me......geez. In the meanwhile......I love the site......and really appreciate it. What can I do to help out? I'd love to help!
  12. OMG, its so frustrating! I love this site too!
  13. For days now i've had the hardest time with this forum, on two of my computers. Both my work and my home! Is anyone else having this problem?
  14. Seriously, I nominate you BEST FRIEND of the year!! To go to all this effort......she will love everything you're doing. This is all great.
  15. Ya, I was looking for actual photos. Not for a list of shots to take. I can't seem to find too many actual photos here, but I did find them elsewhere. I did do a search here like you suggested previous to posting. I do a lot of lurking on this site, but I appreciate your advice.